Yes!.Summer is Here, and June is the Month Of Prides Right?

use HASTAG #PRIDE2019LGBTU to tag us in your PRIDE Photos, we want to see what you all have been up to this year.

List of Prides Click Here & Here

and for some reason i couldn’t see UK BLACK PRIDE which is on the 7th JULY 2019.




Well at the end of May, we got to witness  Lena Waithe Kissing Halle Berry GodDamnit!!lol when Lena got to Host the Jimmi Kimell Show Live.

Errr this has to be every “Studs” dream!!!. If you missed it you can watch below, plus I’m loving the “COCO CHANEL” Sweater Lena is rocking by “STUDZO CLOTHING”

Forward to JUNE and Lena Waithe got to respond to the Jason Mitchell Misconduct Allocations via the Breakfast Club

Here’s the convo below incase you missed it:

However despite the negative that’s been going on doesn’t over shine the hustle and talents of Lena Waithe as she makes her way across the Pond to my City of London, linking up with Mercedes Benz Fashion and a group creative experts Hashtag #BenzKnowHow, be sure to follow this journey.#TheTea

Also lets big up Chaunte Waynes for getting her own show on Netflix Airing this August.



Lots of New Music has been popping of already this month which you can check out the collection below:

but before we get to the PLAYLIST’S I wanna share a New Artist by the Name of “HIEN” who has an amazing new song out called “BOY” a really dope well shot video that i definitely recommend you check out, just a little background info…

Hien Thanh Nguyen is an indietronica singer-songwriter-producer, whose music is a mix of ethereal textures meshing with downtempo electronic beats. She is already a pop legend in Hungary.

Hien’s new R&B infused indietronica single, “Boy,” is a grooving topical track strewn with sexual innuendos that holds you in its seductive embrace. The chill downtempo music offers a contoured melodic landscape for her silky vocals and laid-back lyrics. While the track is a very pleasant listen, it’s almost a sharp contrast to the video.

Be sure to Follow HIEN and get to know more via HIEN WEBSITE 



New Music Video from JAYLII – “Check On Me”

New Audio from DEVMO – “PRIDE”

Below you can also Watch and listen to the the Full LGBTU Playlist’s Right Now!




Check out BBC THREE new GALDEM SUGAR Webseries Ft Five Fierce MC’s (Big Up Pre-Wavey) we see you.

Ok so where halfway through the month and so much more is to come in the mean time enjoy all the Pride Events going on all around the world, and don’t forget!! UK Black Pride and Brighton Pride is still to come why not check out UK Black Pride 2019 Promo Video:

Plus let’s not forget STONEWALL TURNS 50 YEARS STRONG.

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which helped spark the fight for gay rights around the world.

During the 1960s, being gay was classified as a mental illness in the US. Gay people were regularly threatened and beaten by police, and were shunned by many in society.

Even here in the UK, being gay was a crime until 1967.

But the Stonewall riots in 1969 were a landmark event in history, which helped to fight homophobia and campaign for equal rights. READ MORE HERE, also you can check out a Video Clip here:

But Also Nikes Nae shares her view’s, i couldn’t find the full footage but be sure to follow her on IG @Nikes_Nae


HASHTAG #PRIDE2019LGBTU and tag us in your events, shows, photos at whatever Pride you’re at.

EDITED 29th June 2019:

Ok so lets finish up the month with some update son what’s been happening since our Last post (Above)

New Summer Banger from YOUNG M.A – “BIG” 


New Season and Mew Cast Members

episode 1 and the most recent episode 4 which dropped 2 days ago.

In case one of you guy’s are wondering why LIPSTICK SERIES has a whole new cast

Check video below to find out why

Make sure you check out the latest Season and be sure to Like, Share and subscribe.

Last but not least HAPPY PRIDE & Stay Safe xx


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