About Us


LGBT UNDERGROUND was founded in 2009 by UK HipHop Artist EvOn Scarlett. As an Out Artist, EvOn set out on a Mission to find other’s like herself and ended up not only finding amazing artists but also discovering a way to contribute to a growing unique market! This makes LGBT UNDERGROUND one of the only platforms for Black LGBT Talent worldwide.


LGBT UNDERGROUND aims to deliver the best in LGBT Black Music Culture, providing unique and relevant information, inspiration and exclusive content to all LGBTQ Communities everywhere!

We aim to provide the most current and top quality music content, podcasts, articles and entertainment programming for all our readers. We hope to make them feel they are individually catered to and develop connections with the many talents we feature in the Contnt Network.

Our objective is to continue growing and to offer a creative outlet, support and accessible features. This includes one on one artist consultations, social media content development strategies and visual promotions. But in order to keep giving you up to date content we need your support by donating or buying merch from our The Higgler Lab Store And don’t forget to FOLLOW US ON ALL SOCIAL PLATFORMS







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