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  • Queerathon 2021 🏳️‍🌈: Day 2

    Queerathon 2021 🏳️‍🌈: Day 2

    Just when you think a two day event can’t get better, Queerathon came through with a two piece and a biscuit. Khaosdarapper and EvOn the Music Bully along with DJ Baker, hosted the sophomore event of sophomore events, and it did not disappoint. “It’s like being given the responsibility of making the collard greens and […]

  • Shaky Shawn: Going Home

    Shaky Shawn: Going Home

    Shaky Shawn, Chicago rapper, believed that collaboration would improve the music scene for Black performers. She was proud of being an independent rapper, but clearly understood that a label could propel an artist to a wider audience. Shaky, known also as Ashanti Wright, was a victim of gun violence; the second woman killed in the […]



    Hey what’s really good people’s! You may have joined us for our 1st Annual Queerathon event last year or you may be asking “Wth IS a Queerathon?“. At the beginning of the pandemic, Yolgbtraps, Lgbt Underground, and The Weekly Top 40 linked up to offer support to each other and pick each other’s brains about […]

  • BOOG THE BANDIT: A Retrospective

    BOOG THE BANDIT: A Retrospective

    Boog the Bandit, aka Courtney Nicole Bruce, has been gunned down in Columbus, Ohio. As per reports from various sources, the up and coming rapper made it to the hospital where she succumbed to her wounds. It goes without saying that this is horrific news. Combined with the multiple shooting deaths of other young LBGT+ […]

  • Featured Artist: SJ Soulist

    Featured Artist: SJ Soulist

    SJ Soulist is a Manchester born and London based emerging singer, rapper, poet and beat-boxer. SJ Soulist has already supported the likes of Giggs, Wretch 32, French Montana, Ghettz and Akala to name a few. In September 2017, SJ Soulist will be releasing her debut mixtape ‘Then and Now’ where you can expect to hear a […]