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Featured Artist: SJ Soulist

SJ Soulist is a Manchester born and London based emerging singer, rapper, poet and beat-boxer. SJ Soulist has already supported the likes of Giggs, Wretch 32, French Montana, Ghettz and Akala to name a few. In September 2017, SJ Soulist will be releasing her debut mixtape ‘Then and Now’ where you can expect to hear a mix of conscious Hip Hop, Spoken Word, mellow Trap and contemporary UK Urban sounds.

‘Then and Now’ features songs that highlight the struggles as well as the hardships that SJ Soulist has faced throughout her journey of persuing her dream in music. SJ Soulist has bravely chosen to be an open book so that listeners whom have had similar experiences in being victims of both violent crime, rape, depression and lifes general ups and downs, can take away the positive messages she embeds in her lyrics.

This is the first single “Nowhere to turn” released from the ‘Then and Now’ mixtape.

There is no need to wait until September, across the summer SJ Soulist will be performing, featuring in radio appearances, dropping singles and videos from her new mixtape.


Be sure to stay up to date with all the latest news and exclusives through the artist website and social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @sjsoulist 

#Review: @DIVAmagazine – “#LGBTUNDERGROUND at QueerestOfTheQueer”





Remi-Lyn Browne reviews a truly diverse LGBT club night in London

Last weekend in London’s Elephant Castle, a part of the city that has been only a little bit gentrified, I got on the bus with a new dress on and the best eyebrow highlight I could manage given the rush of the afternoon. (People who live in E&C would argue the gentrification point but I am from Brixton, where gentrification is part of the furniture, so I think I am qualified to make this statement).IMG_5699

Walking through the Coronet, the venue for Queerest of the Queer, I found a maze of half-on wigs and heels strewn across men and non-binary people. And unicorns. Unicorns who met you and shared their glitter with you. “I did my makeup already,” I thought to myself, “but okay let’s do it”. IMG_5806

QOTQ was organised in collab
oration with LGBT Underground, the online platform for LGBT music talent, so the room was like the website but in real life. I took this in for a moment before deciding to explore the whole of the event space. People were part-way through getting ready for the happenings that were about to begin. Stallholders were artfully arranging T-shirts and bags for sale with LGBT positive messages plastered all over them. I could smell Caribbean food being heated up for the hungry among us. The Queerest of the Queer had something for everyone it seemed, and this is a new thing for me to experience at most queer events. 

At 7pm the LGBT Underground’s room show kicked in with introductions from the beautiful Nimz, the presenter who was the glue that held the show in the LGBT room together. She’s funny as well as gorgeous and was a great complement to the show. Nimz introduced the first act in what I am learning is her usually sassy, but indisputably cool style – and with that the show was underway. READ MORE

#CrowdFunding: “Help Raise Funds for #LesbianCouple”

Hey LGBT Underground family, i got a serious issue to address and i need to ask for all your help, please read below and show your love and support to two beautiful souls, their story below….. 


A black lesbian couple from London have taken to Crowdfunding on Indiegogo and social media to desperately raise much needed funds to secure their council flat under the governments right to buy scheme.

Although the property is being offered to them at a huge discount the property value is so high that they are still unable to secure a mortgage for the amount needed to purchase the 2 bedroom Warner flat in Walthamstow, London E17.

The couple are both in their thirties educated to degree level, work for the NHS and have a joint income of £58,000 per a year. One of them is also self employed working on a market stall and also runs a successful monthly Poetry LGBT Open Mic Night in East London.



The mortgage lenders have reduced lending by placing heavy restrictions on borrowing so the conservative government offering the right to buy scheme to prospective social housing tenants is a false economy in their opinion. In London in particular the £102,000 discount available will not make any difference to those hard working people trying to get a step on to the property ladder.

The two people in question are both ex benefit claimants who have worked tirelessly to change and improve their lives over the past 8 years.

This is a story of two hard working people in love trying to secure a future for their 13 year old daughter against all the odds. They are currently trying to raise £28,000 to realise their dream.

Please can you help them by sharing their story and or making a donation on the Indiegogo website (details below)

For each person who donates £500 the couple are offering in return a cooked meal in their home.

Please Click Here

#LGBTUndergroundInterview: DJ MistaMaker – #ChiChiBass



LGBT Underground Catch up with one of the UKs Number 1 DJ within the LGBT scene to play nothing but Hiphop, a Rap , Trap and R&B, we find out a little more about who is MistaMaker what is this ChiChiBass club night all about…

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#Article @CypherAvenue: “EarthTone: The G.O.A.T Gay Rapper” + Press Release

Cypher Avenue has written a great Article about an Up & Coming HipHop Artist/Producer Called EarthTone, and the first thing that jumped out to me was the Title; G.O.A.T! really….?I mean i have only just got to hear of EarthTone’s music and i can ensure you he has every potential to be the G.O.A.T of “GayHipHop” (in my opinion), however he has only just stepped onto the Scene (Openly Out) and i just think this is a lil premature to make such a Bold statement? however i totally understand where Ocky Williams is coming from…Well lets just start off with some of the article and at the end you can click onto a direct link to read the FULL Article and be sure to come back and let us know your views..

Source: TheCypherAvenue

The Palette of EarthTone
We got a tweet from Inpaq over at The LGBT Update with a link to EarthTone’s To Whom It May Concern teaser (see below; directed by Victoria Ng). It was past my bedtime as I was going through my Twitter notifications but I still managed to form a smirk on my face as I clicked the link expecting fuckery…and then the sample from Chance The Rapper/Jack One’s Acid Raindrops…hmm okay. Next the visuals peak my interests and at .25 seconds, the flow and voice tone begins. Wow, I’m digging it. Then at .45 seconds, EarthTone raps “Homo’s the sexuality, masculine is the presence, there I said it”. Okay, so a gay rapper is unapologetically representing and professing his masculinity on a track? As a consumer of music, a connection was established but I must say I was pissed this was only 2 minutes long.

To Whom It May Concern is not attempting to be typical mainstream rap music, which is being mimicked to the point of over saturation by the up-and-comers and wannabe’s. I feel like EarthTone is channeling Pete Rock and CL SmoothBlack StarJeru The DamajaDigable PlanetsCommon, The Roots and Pharaoh Monch among other artists from 20 years ago. Technically not new, it’s still refreshing to hear this type of style from a gay artist.

From East Orange NJ, EarthTone has been in the underground rap scene for years. From videos on his Youtube channel it appears EarthTone may have been a part of a group called Jersey Journal back in 2011. Now riding solo, the rapper/producer is gearing up to drop his EP GMale in July 2014. In the buildup he has released tracks titled The SoundFuck Is You? and the aforementioned To Whom It May Concern.

The Sound doesn’t jump out and grab you like the other two tracks but that doesn’t make the song or video (directed by Gregory Addison) any less dope. I feel like this video could have easily been on BET’s Rap City back in the day between Black Moon’s How Many MCs and Gang Starr’s Mass Appeal. As you can hear and see in the video below, EarthTone pays homage to many rappers and presumably some of his influences.

With an introduction featuring an interview with Ebro Darden of Hot 97, Fuck Is You? is FIRE!

Read more:

Recently Posted Earthtone Music

Read EarthTone’s Press Release Below:



Gmale Earthtone

New Jersey native, song writer, producer, and lyricist, EarthTone (Da Producer), is set to release his debut EP, “GMale: the EP” on July 8th 2014 on EarthTone Productions.  A seven track EP drawing on his own influences and experiences, EarthTone encompasses slabs of laid back beats laced with cutting powerful lyrics. His sound is best described as “High-Grade Hip Hop”, combing abrasive lyrics filled with 3rd listen undertones and beats that mirror early Kanye and J Dilla.
After the untimely loss of his mother, EarthTone realized that life truly is too short. In turn, he vowed to bare all to his one true love (hip-hop) in hope to receive that same unconditional love in return. As a result, you have “GMale: The EP.”
Growing up during the golden age of hip-hop and the height of the East Coast-West Coast rivalry, Earthtone’s influences draw from the likes of Black Thought, Homeboy Sandman, Curren$y, Busta Rhymes, and Styles P.   
What separates EarthTone’s productions is its openly gay yet subtle content in an ironic landscape; The Hip Hop Arena. He has a way of bringing you close to the thoughts of a “gay hip hop head”, without making you feel uncomfortable.  Have a listen and you’re sure to be entertained and refreshingly informed.

TRACKLISTING: 1. To Whom It May Concern   2. Turning 30   3. The Sound   4. Fuckin Awesome Guy  5.  Blue Collar Beefcake feat. WILL  6.  The Best feat. Keef   7. Bible Pages Feat S. Black

Tuesday July 29th 2014 – Faces In the Crowd Artist Show Case, SOB’s, 204 Varick St. New York, NY

To listen to EARTHTONE’s  EP please visit:

For more information on EARTHTONE please visit:
Twitter: @earthtonemuziq
Instagram: @earthtonemuziq

For press requests for EARTHTONE please contact
Funky Dumpling PR / Ph: 917.519.6006