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#Mixtape: Gwen Bunn – “The Verdict” & “Im An Animal” [@gwenbunn]

I Stumbled apon Decatur, Ga. Singer/Songwriter & Producer Gwen Bunn whilst chilling out on the soundcloud, thanks to DJ Baker’s “The Weekly TOP 40 LGBT Charts”. (This was the track i heard) “Im An Animal” .


So whilst digging around more i found Gwen Bunn“The Verdict” Album dated back from 2009, however the music coming thru my headphones sounds timeless to me and i reckon those like me who have’nt heard of Gwen Bunn will differently want to know more…

Amazing vocals, music arrangements, very soulful, a must have.

“As you go through life you have to ask yourself who you are & what your purpose is? So I asked myself those questions. And I answered through song. So the verdict was …”The Verdict”