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#Freestyle: Tish Hyman – “Freestyle – DJ Special K (Universal Radio Show)[@listen2tish]

How excited am i!!!! ERRR Tish Hyman Is over here in LONDON!!, Brixton in fact,,What!!!!!! yes that is right people, catch Tish when you can, Also Check out this brand new Freestyle Tish Did For DJ SPECIAL K (Universal Radio Show)..And this sound like a “Proper” freestyle to me, just pure top of the dome is, So Dope..

Why not watch the TISH HYMAN “SWAY Radio” Interview

[youtube https://youtu.be/CqnBnL1DUOM]

#Video: @LatriceRoyale – At #QueerestOfTheQueer *UK *Promo


i know you all know Latrice Royal from the Famous Rupaul Drag Race!! Well Queerest of the Queer has a special Surprise….Latrice Royal will be performing a Special and Exclusive set down at the Coronet September 19th 2015, Click Here for more information and Click Here to buy tickets, Tickets are selling out fast..


[youtube https://youtu.be/EE7taZ8991M]

check out the Official Website Here

Video: UK Black Pride 2015 – “10 Year Anniversary” [@Ukblackpride]

Watch the Exclusive Video of this years 2015 UK Black Pride which was held down at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, in south london.

We Captured how Diverse and vibrant the people are over here in the UK.

We get to hear from The GoggleBox Ladies, Deanz & Nimz plus we also get to hear from Lady Phyll herself.

Filmed By Sam Addo
Producer Kayza Rose.


You can also check out the UK Black Pride Pictures Here

#Photos: UK Black Pride 2015 [Photo’s By @KayzaRose] [@ukblackpride]

Check out these amazing Photos taken By #TeamLGBTUnderground Kayza Rose.

Recently UK Black Pride Celebrated thier 10 year anniversary on June 28th 2015 down at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. 

Our Photographer Kayza Rose, took a trip down to the Gardens to celebrate in the 10 years of UK Black Pride and capturing just some of the amazing vibrant people who attended.

#PSA: Soon we will be dropping the UK Black Pride exclusive Video footage where you will get a real feel of the UK Black LGBT Culture. 

Exclusively for #LGBTUndergroundTV


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IMG_9867 IMG_9879 IMG_9889



For more information About UK Black Pride, why not Check out UK Black Pride Official Website Here





Photo’s By #KayzaRose