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PICK OF THE DAY: Girls Like Us! (@AnikeBay ) – “Season 1 Ep. 1” – VIDEO **WEBSERIES

Its finally here, a Brand new LGBT Romantic Comedy Webseries

[youtube http://youtu.be/fPItObuSyFA]

This is a lesbian drama series about a female attorney named Keisha, who is intimately involved in a relationship with an author/woman named Zoi’, and a man/gynecologist named Greg. Keisha has been able to keep her hidden idiosyncrasies from her family and friends for months, but now her secret affair with Zoi’ is creeping to the forefront. Keisha feeling pressured by Zoi’ to end her relationship with Greg, and evenly pressured by Greg to get married now, has finally realized that she must choose between the love of her life Zoi’, or the politically correct life with Greg she is suppose to live.