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#MusicVideo: Alsace Carcione – “Getting Rich” [‏@TheAlsace]

A HipHop Artist who makes classic hiphop and has food for thought Alsace Carcione with “Getting Rich” taken from the dope Album Embryonic Paradigm. Love the Marvin gaye sample..

[youtube http://youtu.be/J63SdTBtIh8]

The misleading title off of Alsace Carcione’s second album Embryonic Paradigm, most definitely takes the listener on a journey. Too often we forget to educate ourselves and rely too heavily on social media, magazines, television and other sources for our knowledge resources.

In this song, Alsace challenges you to get rich off of encyclopedias, instead of the nonsense in the media. Enjoy reading time with your children and take time of yourself, just to get away from the day to day monotony.

The video is shot and edited by Juq’o and Dave of Vibe Vision.

With various cameos from DJ C Wade, Khem, Hunter, Goody, Strykeitrich, Pat, Freespirit Soldiers, DIRT, Bum Theary, Krystal, and so many others that came out to support.


You can purchase this album via iTunes and band camp via these links:



Kin4Life “Nor & IQ” – @KIN4LIFE

Number One, on top of thier game, everybody know’s Kin4Life.
IF u DONT Know…where the hell you been?..lol
and aint Nor lookin hella fine in this new pic (no homo — sheeet can i even say that issh..lol) either way dont hate appreciate 🙂 if you have’nt already got KIN4LIFE in your IPOD, do it now .


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