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#Mixtape: @KHAOSDARAPPER – “Keeping Up With KhaosDaRapper” #KUWKDR

The Unique Sounds Of Khaos Da Rapper has given us all a little treat, a fresh New Tape called “Keeping Up With KhaosDaRapper” #KUWKDR, Jam packed with new jams. Khaos Da Rapper Is not only a rapper who writes and produces her own music, she a all-round Music Artist with  a vision and goal to smash down the doors of this so called music industry. Be Sure to get behind Khaos Da Rapper #KDR #BoomBox#aVetInTheGame..


Khaos Da Rapper – @KHAOSDARAPPER

Now Khaos Da Rapper has to be one of My Fave LGBT Rapper (yes i have a few)..it had to be said! original sound, style, a true inovator..Khaos has been dominating this scene for a long time, so you gotta pay homage yo… and just because she has dreads and from the ATL don’t mean she is the female version of Lil Wayne #GTFOH with that issh, she is way better..just my opinion..anyways A MUST Download for the ipods.


Official Khaos Da Rapper Website