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#Battles: @QOTRing: #BonnieGodiva vs #C3 – #WhoWon

Back with another fire battle from the Panic Room 3 event. This was unexpected and a surprise to most, Bonnie Godiva vs C3 put on to the fans enjoyment. Both ladies never had each other on their hit list and their styles are so opposite from one another. Yet, it made for a great battle. let us know who you think won this fight. leave a comment below. Who will be crowned Queen?

[youtube https://youtu.be/EtLVECwzwn8]

#Audio: Sara Kana – “Mental Circus” [@SaRaKaNa]

Ok so i got this Dope track Early but late posting ..grrr how annoying am i..anyways i got it here now…i really do hope Sara makes a video for this..Coz Sara is going hard on this..deff feelin this..