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AUDIO: Lylo Gold – “Starry Night” Prod By XVR BLCK *UK

Lylo Gold and Xvr Blck have teamed up, and created another masterpiece-this however is nothing like expected from either artist, it is a harmonic and pretty ingenious fusion of R&B and Soul ballad- that actually… works!

Starry Night is a R&B alternative/ contemporary original rendition, written about human nature… Press play and enjoy

Music Video: Tish Hyman – “All That I Can Do”

Well what can i say about Tish Hyman, apart from that she’s on a different level to most, her Song writing skills are incredible, simple but complex, light but deep, i feel Tish Hyman needs to become a global success.

A very personal and insightful song, a must watch and listen.

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