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@bummingcigsfilm – “Bumming Cigarettes” *A Short Film


Bumming Cigarettes is a short film about a brief and intimate meeting between a young Black lesbian woman who is in the process of taking an HIV test and a middle aged Black Gay HIV Positive man. Coming off of the devastation of a bad breakup with a girlfriend, Vee musters up the courage to go and take an HIV test to put her worst fears to rest. What she experiences during her trip to a local clinic is much more than she expects while sharing a cigarette with a stranger, Jimmy during the 10 minutes that she awaits her test results. This film explores tough issues that persons living with HIV/AIDS may encounter such as the loss of intimacy with loved ones while also encouraging awareness around HIV/AIDs testing and the way we treat persons living with the disease.

We completed principal photography on Bumming Cigarettes late October 2011 and we are now trying to raise raising $5,000+ through Kickstarter to complete the film, host a premiere screening in Philadelphia, PA, and get the film on the film festival track for the rest of the year.

Here’s a breakdown of what we need to finish this film:

Color Correction * Fine Edit * Final Sound Design & Audio Mix * Voice Over Recording * Mastering of our HD CAM film master exhibition copy PAL/NTSC for film festival submissions * Film Festival Submission Fees * Printing of Promotional Materials (Posters, Flyers, press kits, etc.)

***If we do not reach our goal of $5,000 during this campaign or we do not get any funds to use towards completion of the film. Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING fundraising model.


Bumming Cigarettes
a short film by: tiona.m.

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@StudLifeMovie (@CampbellX) – Its Finally Here

A multi-cultural, polysexual tale of desire in contemporary London from one-time LLGFF programmer Campbell X.

An assured feature debut from one-time LLGFF programmer Campbell X, this multi-cultural, polysexual tale of desire in contemporary London, feels fresh and real. Meet JJ, the black lesbian stud who looks and acts like an old-fashioned stone butch dyke and her best friend, a promiscuous, sharp-tongued, gay man, Seb, who also helps assist her work as a photographer. They are an attractive odd couple, outside the imaginings of most LGBT filmmakers.READ MORE HERE

PS. i (@iamEvOn) also has two songs that Feature in the Movie, i shall be performing at the launch, so i hope to see the supporters there, and be sure to show your support from all around the world


Fri 30 | 20:45 | NFT1 PRIORITY BOOKING

Sat 31 | 18:10 | NFT2 PRIORITY BOOKING

Director – Campbell X

Cast – T’Nia Miller, Kyle Treslove, Robyn Kerr