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#ShortSeries: #TheBlackLesbianHandbook #USA *4oD

The second series Channel 4’s “The Black Lesbian Handbook” was shot during this years Atlanta Black Gay Pride. Consisting of 6 episodes, this series visits the no holds barred US LGBT scene and covers the following topics.


1. Pulling (vb.): attracting a person you desire

2. Celesbian (n.): lesbian famous in the LGBT community

3. Hersband (n.): woman who adopts the masculine role in a lesbian marriage

4. Pride (n.): sense of your own dignity and value

5. Transgender (adj.): gender identity differs from that assigned at birth

6. White Piece (n.): white partner of a black lesbian

Check out the complete series via the following link –

Our resident presenter/Host and Special events Co-Ordinator Nims featured in the series and gave us the lowdown on her experience. Read our aftermath interview with her below.

Q1 – So the handbook looked like a lot of fun, was filming at Atlanta Pride what you expected or were there any suprises?

Nims – Fun doesn’t even come close to describing my Atlanta Black Pride experience. Let’s say I felt like one of the lucky golden ticket holders from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 😂😂 Now this was not my first time in the US but it was surprising to see how receptive they were to having a film crew filming them. Seems as if once again our American brothers and sisters are just that little bit more liberal than us and don’t mind being on camera. Also I take my hats off to the US femmes….jheeze. Now we all know Nims loves her a stud, but the femmes really dressed to impress. It was a beautiful sight I tell ya.

Q2 – If you could have brought one aspect of your trip back home with you, what would it be?

Nims – Now this one is hard. There’s so much I would bring back over here, narrowing it down to 3 is the best I can do!
1: Their openness
2: Their success (there were a lot of successful lesbians who own their own businesses)
3:  Big BOOTY strippers 🙈❤ (I kid you not…. I don’t know what they are eating).

Q3 – What parts of ATL would you recommend to a first time visitor wanting to explore the scene?

Nims – For a first timer in Atlanta, for Pride I’d say don’t limit yourself to just LGBT events. Venture out maybe check out “Six Flags” amusement park, and definitely go to “Hooters“. Oh Hooters. There are plenty of comedy clubs to check out such as “Kia Comedy” which hosts a weekly comedy set. Clubs like “Phaze One” that offer open mic sets for up and coming artists. Our very own Deanz was one of the performers there during Pride.

Q4 – Has your trip changed your point of view on any of the ‘usual’ rules that apply on the UK LGBT scene?

Nims – Oh most definitely. We as a community need to let go and be free and come together as one. Drop the labels and the judgment. Studs on studs, femmes and femmes, are we not all lesbians? And shout out to all my trans brothers and sisters..

Q5 – Describe your ATL experience in 3 words.


#EventReview: Poetry LGBT – Sunday 5th July *UK

poetry lgbt

Review Written By DeeDot

Poetry LGBT
Sunday 5th July 2015
Tipsy Bar
20 Stoke Newington Rd
London, N16 7XN

IMG_9553Hosted by the fabulous Andreena Bogle, Poetry LGBT is an open minded open mic platform for emerging and established poets to perform their material.


Tipsy is a five minute walk from Dalston Kingsland Station. You’ll find the entrance under a small sign at the top of the stairs leading to the basement.

Inside, a raised stage near the entrance precedes a well-stocked bar at farthest end of the club.

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Exposed brick walls are broken up with large mirrors that make the space feel larger. A few well-placed coloured lights give the whole venue a sense of warmth. The toilets are wallpapered in sheet music, which makes for an interesting read upon visiting the ladies.



This event gathers a warm and interactive crowd. There is no shortage of hipsters in Dalston, so expect the usual eclectic feel you find in the area.



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No less than 15 perfomers took to the stage on the night, offering up everything from food for thought spoken word to stirring acapella vocals and rap contributions that had the whole audience on their feet.


IMG_9544All those who arrived before 7.30pm were entered into a free prize raffle draw with a selection of gifts up for grabs. Fingers were crossed for top prize, a fetching looking bottle of Jack Daniel’s Silver Select. Alas, pipped to the post.

Three quiz questions won the most knowledgeable in the crowd a novelty gift.

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Not for the faint of heart, the vodka challenge laid down the gauntlet for the competitors amongst the audience. A party cup filled with three double shots of Smirnoff was the only thing standing between participants and a crisp £20.


The subsequent winner downed the lot at blink and you missed it speed to deservedly claim the cash.


Very reasonably priced with an ample range of beer, wine and spirits available. Chosen tipple of the night, Disaronno and cranberry came in at 2 for under £10.


A bargain at £5 per head on the door.



Sunday 2nd August and every 1st Sunday of the month thereafter.

6pm – 10.30pm
Tipsy Bar
20 Stoke Newington Rd
London, N16 7XN

For details and further information visit;

Facebook – Poetry LGBT
Instagram – @poetrylgbt

Or contact

Review Written By DeeDot

*Exclusive video footage Coming Soon*