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Interview: B Slade – Talks Lexi Show sexuality announcement.

3-time Grammy nominee B.Slade swung by Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week and shared why he was disappointed after his Lexi Show interview back in in 2010 saying, “I was blacklisted and I felt that Lexi “tried it” because she never questioned my gospel counterparts of being gay”. When it comes to the black church, B.Slade feels that they should speak about both sides of homosexuality, “lesbianism is never talked about in the black church, being a gay male is always blown out of proportion”. He also spoke about what inspired his transition from Tonex to B.Slade saying, it was the passing of his parents and the movie called the Velvet Goldmine which helped him transition. B.Slade didn’t leave without shading Kirk Franklinand Donnie Mckirkland about gay allegations, talking about his soon-to-come biopic, and his mixtape coming out in December.

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Interview: “Behind The Mic” w/ @IAmTazDaRealist [By The LProject]

Bringing you a interview by @thelacresiaproject who manage to capture a great interview with TazDaRealist, giving us all a great insight into who Taz is and where Taz is coming from Musically and Personally. I hope you find this interview insightful and feel free to drop a comment and be sure to ask any question’s you may have for Taz next video.

By: lacresia yvette

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