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Webseries: If I Was Your Girl “Episode 3” [Full Length] (@CoquieHughes)

Ok so look, i did’nt know the production off IF I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND has been CANCELLED, thats right cancelled..I know the viewers are not happy, but that;s how it goes, small production companies like Coquie Hughes need support, they need YOUR/OUR support, so guess what, all is not lost. As some may already know, you can watch the FULL length 10th Episode and you can also watch Episode 3  NOW in full below….

…Ok, but hold up, what about Episode 4-9? you maybe asking?! well this is the thing you gotta show your support back, by donating as little as $10 and in return you can get An Exclusive autographed script copies of Episodes 4-9, plus this will help by providing equipment needed for this wonderful program geared toward inner city youth. Watch the Promo Video here.

Episode Three – Full Length

And just so you know, to show OUR support we have also Donated.Click HERE to donate.

Webseries: If I Was Your Girl” – Ep 10 Season Finale – *Trailer

Webseries: If I Was Your Girl” –  Ep 10 Season Finale – *Trailer


See the trailer for the Series Finale of the hit movie/webseries IF I WAS YOUR GIRL. Our Premiere Chicago Screening will be during our annual Pride celebration on June 28, 2013 at the Vittum Theater located 1012 N. Noble. Screening starts at 8pm sharp! Tickets are only $10. Go to for more information and please stay tuned for the premiere of Episodes 4-9 that will be premiering late fall 2013.

@toppbottom Interview: Alana Mike (@ONLI1ATL) “If I Was Your Girl”

Topp Bottom’s Interview: ‘Alana’ – “If I Was Your Girl”

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