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LGBTU: Thank you for taking the time to let your fans get a deeper look into your world! How are you luv?

YC: Everything is everything! Loving life!

LGBTU: What state are you repping?
YC: The great state of Texas

LGBTU: How did you come up with your artist name? Its dope.

YC: In high school I had a substitute teacher chop up my name. He pronounced my last name “Cruse” (pronounced like crews) like “Crew Say”. I got teased about it and then it stuck. Once I figured out the spelling, I stuck “Yung” in the front because I’m always the youngest amongst my friends.

LGBTU:. What projects are you currently working on?

YC: Right now I’m working on something for the ladies for February. Bringin some R&B singers to the forefront with me. Its time for the LGBT singers to come out & I wanna be the one to start it. It may be a mixtape, it may just be 4 songs & then drop em every week, it may be videos… just look out lol. Also I’m still pushing “Unpopular” I’ll be releasing singles from there through August/September of this year. I’m going to re-release “Closet Freak Pt II” ft. Keke Promise as well.

LGBTU:. What artist would you like to collab with?

YC: LGBT wise, i’d love to do another track with KIN4LIFE. Also hook back up with my former Fast Life bro King.

LGBTU: What motivates/inspires you to do music?

YC: Its in my blood. I can’t shake it. My mind is constantly creating and music is my outlet. My motivation is my family & friends. They keep me going.

LGBTU: How hard is it to make it mainstream as a Out LGBT artist?

YC: its rough, but you can’t let mainstream play you for a fool. We’re already females, but then we’re studs. Guys find us to be a threat, females don’t wanna jam us because they don’t want people to think they’re gay, but at the end of the day, I feel like if you make good music, you can break through.

LGBTU: Please tell your fans something about you that they dont know?

YC: I love musicals lol. My favorite is RENT. I watch it around Christmastime. Glee is my SHIT! Oh and I’m a Bow Wow fan (don’t laugh)

LGBTU: Who are your top 5 favorite artist?

YC: 1.Janet Jackson 2. Jay Z 3. Notorious BIG 4. Diddy 5. Bow Wow

LGBTU: What advice would you give up and coming LGBT artist?

YC: Grind. No matter what… GRIND! F the cliques, do it yourself? & don’t kiss ass based on twitter followers. Most of these people buyin followers anyway.

LGBTU: How important is the site for the LGBT community to have?

YC: Very. I recommend you to everybody I come into contact with. The LGBT entertainment is bigger than most people think and LGBTUnderground gives love to everybody!

LGBTU: Shoutouts??

YC: Mimi, Vellis, Guch, King (I got a special place for u g. I love u boi, never forget that), Stud Life Ent, G Fox, GeekGang, High & Cocky, Blue Flame Energy Drink, Xstudcee, Royal Blunts, Go DJ Ghost, the people I work for, the people that do work for me, the fans, the supporters, the haters, &… y’all are the shit.

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