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#Documentary: @NoiseyMusic ‘Out and Bad’ London’s LGBT Dancehall Scene (Trailer)

In this forthcoming documentary, Noisey gained exclusive access to explore the history of London’s vibrant LGBT Dancehall Scene and it’s incredible characters.

For so many, the scene has created a space and support network where young people can come to terms with their sexuality and identity in their own culture whilst struggling with issues of racism, homophobia, transphobia and immigration.

Watch the full film on Noisey on Friday 11th December –

#Audio: Jonte – “Real Love” (down Low) [@HelloJonte]

Brand new music from the amazing Choreographer, singer, Jonte with “Real Love (down Low) .

This track has a great intro, kinda like a mozart type melody and then it transcends into a ol skool slow jam feel, and gradually a uptempo vibe creeps tru giving this track a mainstream appeal, deff a dope track the more you listen to it. check it out.