Queerathon 2021🏳️‍🌈: Day 1

Artists at QueerAThon 2nd Annual

Queerathon entered its second year hosted by The Contnt Network, Kris Avalon, LGBT UNDRGRND and YoLGBTRaps. The event streamed live on Youtube and catered to an array of performers beginning with Los Angeles hip hop artist, the indelible, Sir Neal Hurston. “It’s hard for unicorns to do this shit in a quarantine…but what saved all of us was using our creativity during this time.” He introduced his latest project BAE—Black As Ever, by Freelance, filmed in the Los Angeles River, saying “thanks for being unicorns, geeks and off-putting!”

DOPE TALK, a Podcast by Khaosdarapper, featured an interview and dope video by @joework. What’s in a name…werk! That is all. “Black Water” is available now and is featured on The Weekly Top 40 by DJ Baker where he has peaked at 13.

2 Studs in a Pod joined in on the antics. Meet Blaze and Meech running an audio and animated Podcast about all things two studs can discuss. Check out their diverse topics and unique perspectives on streaming platforms and YouTube.

TeawhYB gave praise to the event collaborators. He says that he uses “poetry and writing as a creative outlet instead of something destructive like addiction or violence.” He’ll soon be headlining in Lincoln, Nebraska on June 18. TeawhYB is also featured on DJ Baker’s Weekly Top 40.

BAE was a fire jump-off with throwback vibes much like The IZM from New Jersey. A spoken word artist, rapper and producer, The IZM is fusing hip hop and house for some killer bops. His house hop is a reclamation of the Black influence in the house music genre. “ A lot of us are really really dope and we need to work together and sometimes we have to create that for ourselves. So thank you and everybody that put this together so we can share space together, for real.” The IZM will have you sweating. If you can keep up, vogue the house down boots.

Meak Productions, serving the community for over 10 years, joined to celebrate LBGTQ artists. Miko Evans uses his platform and radio prowess to promote and support our underserved and overlooked artists, offering them an agency that believes in their work. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Meak Productions is certified with the National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and currently looking for a new host for his radio show. Our platforms are growing, come plant yourselves and bloom. How can this not be true when Miko so compassionately and eloquently affirms all LBGTQ platforms and artists who continue to be creative and produce art and content for the legacy of the community.

Lezcronyms popped by to share their QWOC fashion brand. Along with their stylin and profilin, this group that “bonds amd affirms one another” takes a holistic approach to wellness and political advocacy. Find them on Instagram or Pinterest at www.lezcronymztees.com.

Tri Shy hails from Jamaica by way of Canada and brought some sweet summer sounds. Shot somewhere in Jamaica, Tri Shy resonates confidence with an awareness of their mission and is in support of other Black LGBTQ businesses and platforms. Chene Byrd came through “copacetic” with an R&B influenced hook, poetic elements and spoken word that elevated women.

Active the Great, from the Cali valley, came through with the real life inspiration in her video and lyrics. Made Khaosdarapper say “ go the fuck off!” And Kris Avalon concurred with “Yes!”

Boog the Bandit and Shaky Shawn were given a beautiful visual memoriam which recognizes the work they created and left behind.

Supreme BG’s video, “Best Straight Life”, gave voice to relationship frustrations that some of us know all to well. Spitting rhymes like:

Its been plenty years
And you switched plenty gears
And at this point in my life all that shit is in my rear
Im on another mission
Cause I still love women

And finally, the first day was capped off with Henri Mayhem, a rapper, singer and poet doing what hip hop heads do best, freestyling. What better way to end an online queer music festival say than with the depth and breadth of all that a Black artist came do, just with their phone.

Watch Day one in full here

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