Queerathon 2021 🏳️‍🌈: Day 2

Just when you think a two day event can’t get better, Queerathon came through with a two piece and a biscuit. Khaosdarapper and EvOn the Music Bully along with DJ Baker, hosted the sophomore event of sophomore events, and it did not disappoint.

“It’s like being given the responsibility of making the collard greens and mac and cheese for the cookout” remarks Khaos, feeling grown up and taking a seat at the table. This is definitely a table constructed by the CONTNT Network and all LGBTQ+ BIPOC artists are invited.

Eli Liberty joined on the move, as he was traveling to set. His visual performance of his new single is shot with a graffiti backdrop below a concrete underpass. The sound is a groove born of several time periods, namely 1997, 2001 and 2021. This is a tune that all the generations at the cookout could listen to (although they’d all be hearing different messages–winking emoji). His dancers Angel and Shayla were that dose of backyard bouncing that the audience needed. He is also headlining in concert on July 14th. Congratulations to Eli Liberty for creating a special drop for Queerathon and being in the Top 20 of DJ Baker’s Top 40 for “Drippy”.

OHFENFEN is a self identified Trans Latina Jewish Bostonian and as she puts it “she’s getting a little weird” with her music these days, that’s more a comment on the expectations of the audience and their perception of what she should be. Right out the gate OHFENFEN hits the audience with something reminiscent of Cypress Hill and System of a Down. Splash commented that it’s like heavy metal meets hip hop. She uses a dressed down set and makes it an underground rave. Blue and red lights, you’re in the club whether you asked for it or not. Wearing a geometric black and white catsuit, OHFENFEN reminds the listener of some of the most critical issues bouncing around our communities: creating art for the sake of creating art, anti-trans violence, pandemic response and community inclusion and erasure. This was an exclusive visual project from OHFENFEN for the CONTNT Network and Queerathon. Thank you!

Hip Hop artist MACC checked in from sunny California. Recently, he dropped an EP and is in the process of developing visual content for his work. He peeped the work of other artists and clocked how he can elevate his own work. It’s exciting to hear artists use the tone of competition to motivate for better personal work. MACC said his “momma wanted him to do a video with color” and that’s what he did. It’s all about color and for someone dear to him who supports who he is fully, it’s a loving tribute. Personality and set moments. MACC takes “Poppin”

“I’m a gay ni**a, milk and cookies… how am I the MVP but still I’m a rookie?!”

He offered a rugged, nasty Cali record “Overtime” as well, the kind that reminds you of backyard parties where everyone is invited but no one is allowed inside the house.

MACC raps about being gay because he wants people to know who he is without having to be molded into something he is not. He has been holding it down as another strong independent artist whose music is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Kenilworth Katrina, served up a Coronavirus Parody “Rona” to the tune of “Tenderoni” by Bobby Brown. This is one of the best respect the virus videos that GenX has no immunity for; a throwback with all the 90s matching outfit changes you need. “If you believe in her and all that she can do to you, don’t give her a chance, please wash your hands…I’m not afraid of Corona, she’s not the only thug”. This video gave Stud Boi Band vibes that the hosts have always dreamed of. Highly recommend checking out this video.

Lez Have Cocktails Podcast is a Dallas, Texas based trio discussing everyday life from dating to sex and relationships, forgiveness and mental health. IGTV has their mini episodes that contain topics they can’t fit into their full length podcast. They post episodes on Mondays every three weeks. They have upcoming plans to have a Meet and Greet in their local area for Pride.

The No Offense Podcast is trying to bring artists to the forefront. “To be honest I don’t know what your sexuality has to do with any kind of music. I’ve been hearing great music here. I’m kind of upset for what you’re doing today!” Reach out on IG, Youtube, Roku, etc and be serious about your craft, the No Offense Podcast is looking for you.

Casey Tufnell from the UK is a singer-songwriter who is the founder of Queer Off. A night to showcase LGBT talent, comedians, poets, drag artists, and musicians. Events will be held in South East London from June through November. The last song they wrote about their ex, Casey shares a soulful and bluesy groove filmed in simplicity with a mic, guitar and their voice on a porch. “Bones” is about finding home in a partner, a lover who has done nothing but provide comfort, but it’s not enough. They urge us all to become our own homes. Chills!

Crimson Alchemist from Detroit is bringing NerdCore to the people. She’s not the originator but she’s definitely going to put this intersectional cultural moment on the map. This is especially a note to all hip hop heads who grew up on Anime, video games and are artists of some medium. There has been a 40 year marriage between Hip Hop and Martial Arts clearly edified in the classic “The Last Dragon” and dragged through time by the Wu-Tang Clan. Crimson Alchemist is intelligent, intelligible, and intellectual.

Julie Potter, JFP, joined from her farm discussing her time at Cal State Long Beach on a queer radio show. This led to her working the urban stage at Long Beach Pride (an opportunity that brought Khaos to the stage in California). “I want to bring joy…It’s just a fun damn song!” “The Come Up” is shot in Philadelphia, on the famed Rocky steps. As classic as this film reference, JFP brings a toned down jam that is all grown up.

Khaosdarapper “Day two coming heaving with it!”

LBXX entered from the West Coast raving “thank you so much for this opportunity, I just wanted to say this show has been so crazy!!!” He was immediately met with “you look like you smell good” to which the answer is Palo Santo and all the good things in life. He was joined by his friend AMK on the song “Smoke Break”. A poppy song with a bright vibe.

The Herbal Tea Podcast entered the room with a “shout out to LGBT UNDRGRND, shout out to all of yall for putting your powers together, letting your powers combine and bring Captain Planet out in the situation and bring us this platform. It’s all about that unity.” The podcast is bi-monthly that reviews music from LGBT artists and proven allies, clout chasers need not apply. They also are “In These Streets” bringing all types of local news from around the way. They believe this takes care of a drought, this fills a void, in particular to network and collaborate with other artists and uplift one another.

Queerathon welcomed the incomparable Skitzo with an exclusive premiere of her song “The Last Laugh?“ with a Busta Rhymes and Missy homage. Nasty lyrical flow. So wild they had to play it twice. Pull up!

Samiere, a singer songwriter who grows kumquats in her backyard in Southern California offered up a sweet R&B laced tune.

There was no shortage of talent and love from and for all the artists that participated. Even for those who were unable to join or have yet to develop their talents and brand. The youth, the undiscovered, the underground.

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