Shaky Shawn: Going Home

Rest In Peace

Shaky Shawn, Chicago rapper, believed that collaboration would improve the music scene for Black performers. She was proud of being an independent rapper, but clearly understood that a label could propel an artist to a wider audience.

Shaky, known also as Ashanti Wright, was a victim of gun violence; the second woman killed in the state of Illinois in the span of two days. Murdered at the age of 30 on Sunday, March 28, 2021, Passover and Palm Sunday. In Christianity, Palm Sunday represents the day in which Jesus Christ enters Jerusalem and is greeted, by the people, with palm fronds waving in the air. A celebration of life.

ShakyShawn – 2FuknDope

I went to the store on Sunday, I had to re-up on a Monday, Shaky boasts in her bop “Monday”. Then there’s the “Whole Time” shot by @IAmSeanPain, where she’s finessing the woman she wants. Even making the bold claim that she can throw down in the kitchen like her granny! Come through. Her energy and presence is definitely felt in her performance at A3C several years ago.

EvOn Scarlett says, I remember Shaky from 7+ years ago with songs like “Clip Full of Bullets” and “Mind Right” I notice she took a break and came back a few years later with the website 2FuknDope and a mixtape. You can check out a variety of her songs, old and new, on Shaky’s Soundcloud. Unfortunately, two of her recent videos Elite and Pop Off are unavailable for viewing however you can still download “Elite” which can be found on iTunes, which I urge people to take a listen and support.

Undoubtedly, Shaky was a reflection of her environment and it is a shame that her fate would illustrate this. As the result of a carjacking, she died as she lived, a product of street culture and it’s troubles. There being only a few platforms like LGBT UNDRGRND and YoLGBTRaps that support artists like Shaky Shawn, it is imperative to continue seeking community and celebrating our dreams and accomplishments.

Til Death (MoneyDudeTazo featuring Shaky Shawn).

Rest In Paradise 🙏🏽

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