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Well April 1st i woke up to the new’s about Nipsey Hussle Who sadly died March 31st outside his Marathon Store, for reason’s that are still unclear. im not gonna go into it as i know by now you would of all heard about Nipsey Hussle passing and all the controversy that has grown from it.

Speaking as a fan, i’m just still very sadden by it all, Nipsey Hussle has always been that artist who consistently gave you quality verses, bars, music, videos, his interview’s always had that energy off spreading positivity, love and knowledge, as soon as he put a project out i was quick to download it, from his very 1st mixtape “BULLETS AIN’T GOT NO NAME VOL.1Β via datpiff all the way till now with his “Victory Lap” Album plus the “Hussle & YG” Album. Nipsey was also working on a Dr Sebi Documentary so that goes to show what kind of levels he was on.


Nipsey Hussle was making such a massive impact and doing so much for his community and worldwide that it’s just fucked up that he had to die so young and this way. But i know the close one’s, true fans and those that just get it, know that Nipsey Hussle achievements and mission will not go in vain, i’m sure many will follow in his footsteps, he left us great jewels to learn from, its up to us to take heed. Real music lives on.#TMC

he will be surely missed and never forgotten . Rest in Peace Nipsey x #TMC

Check out Dj Khaled “Higher” Video feat John Legend killing the hook (So Good), this is Nipsey Last featured video, and all proceeds go to Nipsey Hussle Kids. X

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Be Sure To check Out APRIL’19 LGBTU AUDIO & VIDEO Playlist.





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