Torion is a successful Tv network CEO at the first black owned LGBT network who is building her new company from ground up along with 2 of her best friends. After a company merger, she finds that her ex girlfriend Chris is now working for her, completely traumatized by this, her work ethic goes downhill and love life starts to crumble. Torions significant other Rene later discovers the pair has reunited and does everything she can to keep Torions interest. As Torion is struggling with work and love life she also is fighting for the love of her father who is a pastor who has an issue with her sexuality which put a strain on their relationship.

While Torion is now fighting for her Love life and company her two friends Monique and Kacey both have their own issues as well. While Kacey is struggling to find love Monique is struggling with Alcoholism and Fighting for her marriage. The Trio finally figures out what needs to be done to save their company and love lives and take action immidiatly.

Creator / Director: Ashley Wooten @AshleyLajoi (IG)


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