#WrapUp2015: Top 5 Mixtapes UK – @Icykal @Supremeson @Laayie @MNEK @deanz4eva


Our mixtapes of the year collection is now complete with a UK Top 5. Take a look at a selection of mixtapes/albums we’ve had in heavy rotation this year.

Icykal – ‘Cold Bars Warm Art

Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/icykal
Twitter – @Icykal
Instagram – @icykal

Lucchi Supremeson – ‘Bet You Thought I Wouldn’t But’ (A Tribute To J. Dilla)

Twitter – @Supremeson
Instagram – @lucchi_supremeson

Laayie – ‘Laayies Theory

Twitter – @laayie
Instagram – @laayie

MNEK – ‘Small Talk EP

Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/mnek-1
Twitter – @MNEK
Instagram – @mnek

Deanz – ‘LGBT Dancehall’
Twitter – @deanz4eva
Instagram – @deanz4eva


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