#WrapUp2015: One To Watch In 2016 – NY$$E [@chiefnysse]


Someone we’ve been pleased to see evolving and making waves on the scene is NY$$E. An independent female recording artist, songwriter and producer who resides in Atlanta, GA (originally from Fort Worth, Texas). NY$$E started writing songs when she was 11 years old; inspired by the movie Kazaam and 90’s rap duo Kriss Kross. Since finding her inspiration she has been actively involved in creating music and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. NY$$E currently has four projects released; “Flow Sick” Fall 2012, “I Should Be Famous” (I.S.B.F) Summer 2013, “Pariah” Spring 2014 and “Hits & Herb” Summer 2014. She has collaborated with female Rap Artist “Princess” from the early 2000s rap group “Crime Mob” on her first single titled “Don’t Do Friends” the remix.
This year saw NY$$E drop music videos for ‘Word‘ and ‘Made For This‘, as well as one of our favourites from 2016 the ‘Who The Fuck is NY$$E‘ mixtape.
Now leading her own production team in Atlanta as a songwriter and producer along side with St. Louis producer TayCreations; she will be responsible for some of the newest music to hit the airwave. NY$$E is currently working on her first album which is self titled “N.Y.S.S.E” (Now You Show Some Effort) scheduled to be released on 1st January 2016. We look forward to it!
Follow NY$$E online for updates –
Web – www.nyssemusic.com
Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/nysse
Instagram – @chiefnysse
Twitter – @chiefnysse

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