#WrapUp2015: One To Watch In 2016 – Bre- Z [@BREZOFFICIAL]


Bre-Z is a dynamic FE-NOM who hails from Philadelphia to take not only hip-hop, but the world by storm. At the tender age of 14, she began rapping in her own neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. Quickly growing as a musician, Bre-Z began to gain attention from fellow artist such as Freeway of Roc-A-Fella’s State Property. Freeway got the pint sized rapper into the recording studio and the rest is history. Honing her craft BRE-Z began to compose her own songs, find her musical voice, and cultivated her unique androgynous style.

In 2008, she took a huge step and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, establishing herself as a jack of all trades by becoming one of Atlanta’s well- known Celebrity Barbers (a craft she’d developed since 12) and quietly a vicious rapper/song writer to match. With music remaining her first love, Bre-Z credits Tupac, Jay-Z, Cam’Ron, Missy Elliot, MC Lyte, and Jadakiss (just to name a few) with shaping her artistic vision.

Today, Bre-Z looks to a bright future! She’s collaborated with top artist such as Dr. Dre, The Game, Jennifer Lopez, Freeway and many more. With mixtape and an upcoming EP in the pipeline, she is doing everything in her power to show the world exactly who Bre-Z is. A music video for ‘Trillest‘ dropped in October.

All whilst finding time to play the no-nonsense ‘Freda Gatz’in smash hit American TV show ‘Empire’. It’s safe to say the casting team couldn’t have picked anyone better for the part.

Bre-Z is gaining popularity for her undeniable flow, sex appeal, feel good energetic vibe, honest lyrics, and is destined for Stardom. She is also embarking on a promising acting career with a hit television show. So stay tuned!

Follow Bre-Z online for updates –
Web – www.brezofficial.com
Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/brezofficial
Instagram – @brezofficial

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