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Remi-Lyn Browne reviews a truly diverse LGBT club night in London

Last weekend in London’s Elephant Castle, a part of the city that has been only a little bit gentrified, I got on the bus with a new dress on and the best eyebrow highlight I could manage given the rush of the afternoon. (People who live in E&C would argue the gentrification point but I am from Brixton, where gentrification is part of the furniture, so I think I am qualified to make this statement).IMG_5699

Walking through the Coronet, the venue for Queerest of the Queer, I found a maze of half-on wigs and heels strewn across men and non-binary people. And unicorns. Unicorns who met you and shared their glitter with you. “I did my makeup already,” I thought to myself, “but okay let’s do it”. IMG_5806

QOTQ was organised in collab
oration with LGBT Underground, the online platform for LGBT music talent, so the room was like the website but in real life. I took this in for a moment before deciding to explore the whole of the event space. People were part-way through getting ready for the happenings that were about to begin. Stallholders were artfully arranging T-shirts and bags for sale with LGBT positive messages plastered all over them. I could smell Caribbean food being heated up for the hungry among us. The Queerest of the Queer had something for everyone it seemed, and this is a new thing for me to experience at most queer events. 

At 7pm the LGBT Underground’s room show kicked in with introductions from the beautiful Nimz, the presenter who was the glue that held the show in the LGBT room together. She’s funny as well as gorgeous and was a great complement to the show. Nimz introduced the first act in what I am learning is her usually sassy, but indisputably cool style – and with that the show was underway. READ MORE

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