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To know more about the Queerest Of The Queer 12 hr Fest why not click here to find out more about the Event and who are all the other wonderfull and amazing acts that will be blessing the Coronet come September 19th 2015.


Coronet Theatre
28 New Kent Road
SE1 6TJ, London
United Kingdom

Saturday, 19 September 2015 at 17:00 Sunday, 20 September 2015 at 05:00

Artist Line up:

deanzDeanz: Been making her moves all around the UK LGBT scene, Deanz has been busy all year so it is only right we have the pleasure of having the infamous DEANZ vibes. Check out her Brand new Video “Red Stripe” [youtube]

charmzCharmz: On the Come Up, this is her time to Blow, New music to come, be on the look out, always got great positive energy. [youtube]

ether l banksEther L Bankz: Steady making her way up through the industry Ether L Banks is no stranger to the game, Ether L Banks always delivers Unique Quailty and content, not one to miss out on so be sure to check out her The visuals [youtube]

qboyQBoy: One of the First Original UK “Out” Rappers will be performing his Brand new single “DragOn” Exclusively at the LGBT Underground Arch.


nickiknightzNicki Knightz: Up & Coming UK SpokenWord/MC, with  a smooth distinctive tone and flow, packed full of food for thought content, do not miss out seeing this amazing artist Nicki Knightz.



Plus One of the UK Top LGBT DJ’s, DJ Smoochie (LUSH) Spinning the latest bangers.


LUSH is one of the Biggest and well Known LGBT Nights in the UK (London), so you know the LGBT Underground ARCH will be blazing out all the latest and ol school hiphop, R&B, Basement, plus more of your favourite Urban Tunes.

More to be announced, please check back here for more updates.

in association with QUEEREST

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