#CrowdFunding: “Help Raise Funds for #LesbianCouple”

Hey LGBT Underground family, i got a serious issue to address and i need to ask for all your help, please read below and show your love and support to two beautiful souls, their story below….. 


A black lesbian couple from London have taken to Crowdfunding on Indiegogo and social media to desperately raise much needed funds to secure their council flat under the governments right to buy scheme.

Although the property is being offered to them at a huge discount the property value is so high that they are still unable to secure a mortgage for the amount needed to purchase the 2 bedroom Warner flat in Walthamstow, London E17.

The couple are both in their thirties educated to degree level, work for the NHS and have a joint income of £58,000 per a year. One of them is also self employed working on a market stall and also runs a successful monthly Poetry LGBT Open Mic Night in East London.


[vimeo https://vimeo.com/126739908]

The mortgage lenders have reduced lending by placing heavy restrictions on borrowing so the conservative government offering the right to buy scheme to prospective social housing tenants is a false economy in their opinion. In London in particular the £102,000 discount available will not make any difference to those hard working people trying to get a step on to the property ladder.

The two people in question are both ex benefit claimants who have worked tirelessly to change and improve their lives over the past 8 years.

This is a story of two hard working people in love trying to secure a future for their 13 year old daughter against all the odds. They are currently trying to raise £28,000 to realise their dream.

Please can you help them by sharing their story and or making a donation on the Indiegogo website (details below)

For each person who donates £500 the couple are offering in return a cooked meal in their home.

Please Click Here

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