#MusicVideo: “LOVE is LOVE” by Ariana Castelli- The Paige Official Remix

Up and coming independent singer/songwriter Ariana Castelli has released her new music video for “Love is Love.” The video introduces Ariana’s first single, written by Ariana Castelli and remixed by DJ Paige.

The music video features NFL player Erik Coleman and his wife Sabrina, Grammy-nominated artist Sky Washington, actress Julia Burns, model Daria Mikhaylova and Leonit Shaashua.
Inspired by Ariana’s real-life struggles as a member of the LGBT community, the video re-imagines club music as an outlet for cultural diversification and liberation. The video includes an inter-racial couple overcoming parental criticism and several examples of young, powerful women displaying confidence in their sexual identity.


[youtube http://youtu.be/yZSIYTWxWBo]

Directed/co-production by Kate Balandina – Kosmo Media.
Production by Ted Herod and Drue Pennella

Pure Motion Pictures and editing by Natasha Zelma.

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