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#Webseries: @StudVilleTV – Season 2 Finale “The Crucifixion”

The highly anticipated Season Finale of StudvilleTV is finally here!Join the Crew one final time as the tell the final story of their journey to balance love, life, and relationships.
Don’t miss one minute of this star-studded episode that will have you screaming Whew the Tomfoolery!
A Crucifixion Cometh, who stays who goes, and does it all end? Just few questions that will be answered in the one hour finale of season 2.


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Shaneen: Champ
Anise: Faurice Harley
Riley: Shawn Taylor
Channing: Toni Fields
Autumn: Netalyah Redd
Serenity: Chevi Carter
Seven: Megan Mincey
Hope: Nikki Kanai
Lydia: Jordan Spencer

Guest Appearances By:
Tatum’s Girlfriend: Siya (Sisterhood of Hip Hop)
As herself: Renaye (Guam) (Sisterhood of Hip Hop)
GOD: Dred Carpenter
Krystal Moment: As Herself
Tex Banga: As Herself

Music Credits:

“Compromise” Written & Performed By: Mook Da Host Thomas

“Perfect”: Written & Performed By: TSmuv | Produced By: Sinina Beats

“Let It Flow”: Written & Performed By: MELISSA POE AKA MISS ATL

“Say My Name”: Written and Performed By: Kim Joyce | Produced By Keys

“Unstoppable”: Written & Performed By: Kim Joyce | Produced By Majorhitz

“Wiz KhaliifaType”: Produced By DJGamble803

“In The Parking Lot”: Written & Performed By: Ruin

“Here fa the Ride”
“So Gone”
Written & Performed By: Lanell Gray

“Can’t Love You”: Written & Performed By: Sarafina Ethereal | Produced By Kendall Johnson

“Mother’s Son”
“Space Coast”
Written & Performed By: Topher Mohr & Alex Elena

“Every Step” : Performed By Silent Partner

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