#Mixtape/EP: DeShawn Timothy – #STAYINYALANE [@DeShawnTimothy]

Following the disbandment of the celebrated out hip-hop act Sgt. Sass, Philadelphia’s DeShawn Timothy (aka DT, D. Timmy) continues to advance with stylish rhymes and razor-sharp delivery, while putting a revitalizing stamp on rap music. DeShawn Timothy’s latest EP, #STAYINYALANE, lyrically clenches onto the fury felt from the group break-up but effortlessly lets go into a sea of playful reflection. Sharp word play is paired precisely with majestically crafted beats by production team God Ferrari. Records like “Frankly” and “Whisper” are sonically breathtaking. Undoubtedly, this is DeShawn Timothy’s best work to date.

The opening track, “Basics”, finds DeShawn Timothy nonchalantly flowing, weaving in and out of the beat seamlessly. By the hook, listeners feel the shift of emotions in DeShawn Timothy’s delivery, a switch to a rage ridden declaration. The next track, “Frankly”, holds onto the anger expressed in “Basics” but slowly dissipates into a melodic chill wave of 90s inspired boom-bap.  On “Whisper”, DeShawn Timothy floods the listener’s speakers with seductive rhymes of lust and sexual attainment. The hook will remain on the tip of your tongue for a solid week, promise.  Closing #STAYINYALANE is the record “Deep”  Lyrically to-date, the track is the rawest DeShawn Timothy has ever dropped.

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