#Audio: DANDY – “L1QUID” [MNYSG01]

New Orleans native and Atlanta-based rapper Dandy, stylized as DANDY, has released his first single with digital collective, Mannyo.

The single, Liquid (stylized as “L1QUID”), is produced by SXYLK and
will act as an introduction to his first full-length EP, EI8HT (pronounced
“eight”). Paired with a remix by NYC DJ and Cakes Da Killa producer, JX
CANNON, L1QUID pits Dandy’s quick, “kawaii-infused” vocals against SXYLK’s
drum-driven beat for a song that proves just how talented Dandy is and how
far the queer rap genre has evolved.

L1QUID is now available through Mannyo’s bandcamp for streaming and
download. The followup EP, EI8HT, will be released on June 6th, 2014. All
tracks will be produced by SXYLK excluding the JX CANNON Remix.

Download: http://mannyo.bandcamp.com/album/l1quid-mnysg01

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