Audio: E.VY – “Tonight” [@EVYsings] #Exclusive

Hey peeps, i want you all to get to know a lil bit about E.VY, a up & coming R&B singer from New Jersey. E.VY Sent us here at LGBT Underground her brand new song called “Tonight” which is really dope, it has that classic R&B feel to it plus If my memory serves me correctly i remember E.VY featuring on top tier battle rapper “Ms.Fit” Song & Video called “Here With You”, you should all check that out. Ok enough of me letting you know whats what just Check out E.VY for yourselves, let us know what you think and be sure to show your support. evy   “Tonight”

On November 16, 1988, Leslie “E.VY” Rivera was born in Newark, NJ. Growing up in between New Jersey and Florida, E.VY found her hidden talent of singing at the age of 6. Her dream of touching people’s lives with her singing, the same way that music touched hers, became more alive each time she sang in front of a crowd. As a teenager, E.VY took her talent more serious and began cultivating a fan base through the use of YouTube and other social media websites such as MySpace and Facebook. Choreography, song writing and modeling became additional acquired talents. In 2011, E.VY moved to Florida and met her present producer, Blaze Hunter. She performed at several shows and recorded her single “Muevelo”, which aired on 92.3 in Miami. E.VY returned to New Jersey in 2012 and created, “Team E.VY”. In less than a year, the team consisted of promoters, dancers, a DJ and a hype-man. The team achieved collaborations with big time producers, radio shows, magazines, photographers, videographers, DJ’s, artists, clothing sponsors, event planners and booking agents. In July 2013, she completed her E.P. named “4ELEVYN” in Florida and released it in August 2013 in New Jersey. As of today, E.VY’s fan base consists of thousands of people all over the world, her schedule is booked with performances and studio time. The team just began this journey and is reaching for the stars!

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