A Interview with kEwii

Some Of you may know this young talented woman kEwii by this Video Clip , this clip went viral and so it should be as kEwii speaks very passionately on a few topics, so i know a lot of people are intrigued on who exactly is this Young & Gifted woman by the interesting name kEwii.

Well continue reading and find out a lil more as we catch up on whats new with the Music and how did the infamous Viral Clip come about.

kEwii kewii

LGBTUDRGRD: Hi, how’s it going?

kEwii: Everything is beautiful – I’m blessed! No complaints.

LGBTUDRGRD: Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself for our readers?

kEwii: I’m kEwii – an underground artist hailing from the Midwest – Milwaukee, WI – I’m a singer, songwriter, pianist and emcee/rapper/lyricist. I’ve 26 years old and trying to make a monumental mark in the music industry.

LGBTUDRGRD: You have a interesting name i was wondering how your name kEwii came about?

kEwii: In high school I had a gf named DeDe, I asked how she got her nickname and she said it came from her first and middle name I told her I wanted a nickname too so she took my first and last name, “Kenyatta Wilson” and came up with Kewi – when we went to college that Is what everyone called me – so when I started doing music seriously I wanted a name that was still ME – most people play a role and for me, Nothing about myself or my music is an act or a role I’m trying to play so naturally I stuck with Kewi – over time it evolved to kEwii Because I go against the grain I wanted my name to go against the grain as well – the extra “I” is for a lil bit of flavour lol.

LGBTUDRGRD: lol i like that

LGBTUDRGRD: So what’s been happening with you & the music at the moment?

kEwii: I am currently working on a number of different projects at the time – preparing for the release of Alpha and Omega a collaborative project with my longtime friend and fellow emcee Juke – putting together my next project as well as laying the foundations for my original album which I’m hoping to release in 2015. I’m also working with over artists in the Midwest on their projects and I’m getting ready to take this show on the road pretty soon so there are a lot if things to look forward to in the near future!

LGBTUDRGRD: How would you describe your music and What inspires you to create the type of music you make?

kEwii: When I think of my music two words come to mind – Versatile and Honest – I make a variety of different kinds of music, different sounds, different concepts but no matter the subject or content it’s always my truth! I’ve learned the many sides of myself and I embrace those sides – I don’t limit my mind or myself to any particular one so why would I limit the music I create? It wouldn’t make sense to.

LGBTUDRGRD: When people check out your music what has the response been like so far?

kEwii: The response to my music has been amazing. It’s satisfying and humbling for people to actually enjoy something I’ve made myself – for people to actually relate to my feelings or perspective on things. People are actually excited to hear from me. 10 people or 10,000 – to be able to reach just one person is fulfilling.

LGBTUDRGRD: What do you enjoy the most; Writing, Recording or Performing?

kEwii: The creation process is very liberating and mad dope but the most satisfying and exhilarating part of it all would have to be performing. The energy you get from the people in the crowd is like and intense high that leaves you unbelievably refreshed afterward.

LGBTUDRGRD: What sets you apart from other Artists?

kEwii: My desires – I can’t speak for every artist and I don’t know every artists intention but most artist I know or have encountered are in it for the fame or the money. Me on the other hand, I wanna change the world with music because music is the weapon! It has the power to empower and motivate, to influence and shape minds and motives! It has the potential to be revolutionary.

LGBTUDRGRD: What are your view’s about some people thinking & saying there is a ‘Gay Agenda’ going on?

kEwii: I don’t believe in any gay agenda. I identify as lesbian and I don’t want my music or my character to be a reflection of my sexuality. My sexuality is my choice, my concern, no one else’s – I would hate for someone to feel as though I’m forcing my lifestyle onto them. What people fail to realize is that gay people are people too! We have the same capacity to love and be courteous to all people around us and believing in our own personal freedoms, we naturally respect the personal freedoms of people who may not identify as gay.

LGBTUDRGRD: I saw a Clip of you via FB, addressing issues within the black community, you raised great points & was very passionate within the conversation, can you tell us a little bit about how that conversation & clip came about?

kEwii: Of course! I was at a photo shoot with some other local artists and a discussion began about our local music scene. Everyone took turns expressing what they believed was crippling our growth and progress in the music industry and I interjected expressing how I felt that people’s motives reflect badly on our city. Most people do music for all the wrong reasons and with so many people’s music being a reflection of that it tends to overshadow those genuinely passionate and talented artists in our area. My opinion seemed to expand from that point to a number of different other things. Some point after I began ranting they decided to start recording me and Lexi had actually attempted to upload the video a number of times but it didn’t work until that day… I never imagined it would receive the response that it did, but God works in mysterious ways.

LGBTUDRGRD: What do you think of the ‘Music Scene’ right now as a whole?

kEwii: It’s very saturated – boring – inexpressive and fueled by the wrong motives for the most part. Artists and consumers both share blame for that. Artists are most times guilty of trying to make music they think people want to hear instead of making music they want to make so in turn you have a number of different artists sounding the same and no one really stepping up to challenge these artists creatively – consumers are at fault for failing to demand quality music from the industry! They allow the music they listen to shape their mentality instead of embracing music that compliments their own individual mentality. Instead of art imitating life, life now imitates art!

LGBTUDRGRD: Do you think it’s harder to make it in this industry as a (Female) Artist?

kEwii: Yes, I believe it is ridiculously hard for a female artist to thrive and make a significant mark in the industry! The females in the industry are generally all the same at this point. For every type of man you can possibly think of, you can think of a male artist that fits that type – not for every type of female though. Most females in the industry have generally the same sexed image and sound. It seems that female artist that don’t fit into that spectrum or that image have to work twice as hard as the other women who work four times as hard as the men! It’s unreal.

LGBTUDRGRD: How important do you think it is for new artist’s to know their history and appreciate the different elements of music?

kEwii: I’m a firm believer that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. It’s important to know you’re music history. Not only to know what was so we can appreciate was is.
You have to acknowledge those who paved the way for you and created the opportunities that so many artists take for granted! Inspiration comes from somewhere. My musical style derives from the music I’ve listened to. Most people focus on one element in music and forget to appreciate the entire product. As an artist you should be able to identify and arrange music with elements that compliment each other.

LGBTUDRGRD: Do you think it is important to have a website like LGBT Underground?

kEwii: Yes, it is vastly important. Just like it’s important to be able to identify in other groups such as race, sex, religion and geographic location, it’s equally important to showcase artists that identify with your sexual preference or lifestyle. It also creates an avenue for exposure for artists to appeal to fans that are welcoming and don’t show biased based on sexuality. Its a necessity and a platform that everybody should support.

LGBTUDRGRD: Are there any plans for any Collaboration with Other LGBT Artists anytime soon or do you know of any LGBT artists to listen out for?

kEwii: Mos definitely! My next project is a collaborative project with LGBTQ artist, Juke – it’s definitely going to be MONUMENTAL! Look out for Alpha Omega – it will mos def shake up the game!

LGBTUDRGRD: If you wasn’t making music what do you think you would be doing with you life right now?

kEwii: Right now I’d be working on my degrees, possibly finishing graduate school and preparing to take the bar! That’s still a goal of mine. I aspire to be a professor and a traveling lecturer!

LGBTUDRGRD: What advise would you give other Up & Coming Artists?

kEwii: Never quit, never settle, never rush – never conform! BE YOU! Make the music that YOU want to make! Don’t sell yourself short trying to be what other people want you to be! Be consistent and work hard! Be humble! Be thankful and be GREAT! God first and the rest will follow!

LGBTUDRGRD: Any final words / shutouts before we finish?

kEwii: Of course I’d like to thank YOU for reaching out and giving me a platform for exposure! I’d like to thank all of the people that support my music and my movement! Got some DOPE things in store for in the very near and distant future! S/O to my homie J-U-K to the E for the consistency! Can’t wait to give the world this Alpha Omega – S/O Rita Lee of NuFace Ent for believing in me and always making herself available to me even though you’re not obligated and don’t have to! I appreciate that! S/O to all the Milwaukee artists grinding, to every artist grinding worldwide! All things are possible through God!

Follow me on Twitter and IG _ikEwii –Soundcloud.com/ikEwii
For features, booking or appearances, email me at kewiimusic@gmail.com
Blessings to all!

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