#LGBTUNDERGROUNDInterviews: Lady Soal + Exclusive New Single “TearDrops”


#Exclusive Listen: “TearDrops”

LGBTUDRGRD: Hi, how’s it going?
LS: It is going well thank you for asking

LGBTUDRGRD: Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself for our readers?

LS: My names Is ladysoal also known as Sharika soal. I am singe/performer and social media enthusiast haha.

LGBTUDRGRD: So what’s been happening with you & the music at the moment?

LS: Right now I just released a new single called Tear drops produced by Daniel espinosa and steville miller of angry arcade. Other than I’m on a little bit of break from the crazyness that is LA and the music industry .

LGBTUDRGRD: How would you describe your music and What inspires you to create the type of music you make, especially “Bus Driver Blues?

LS: Bus driver blues was inspired by my depression to be blunt. It came from a time where I just felt utterly desperate for love and totally rejected by love at the same time. Bus driver came from my old bass player she kind of led the song in live sets.

LGBTUDRGRD: you mentioned you was on a month’s Break, why is that?

LS: I have been at this for 5 yrs strong. I have seen a lot of success but I have also seen a ton of hurdles and dissapointment. I find that I am able to create more success when I take a moment to really think about what I am doing , how far I have come and what I need to do next. Living in LA it’s hard to value yourself when everyone is a semi celeb. I am doing it for personal reasons and to get my drive back.

LGBTUDRGRD: What are your view’s about some people thinking & saying there is a ‘Gay Agenda’ going on?

LS: I think it’s fabulous … there have been a lot of agendas since the beginning of time let the gays have their time. its any human beings right to fight to be heard and fight for fair treatment . I think people have the right to want to be treated well and I am happy that this issue is getting attention. Just let the gays be fabulous.

LGBTUDRGRD: Do you think it is important to have a website like LGBT Underground?

LS: Oh most definitely especially for artist like me who want to share who they are with all different communities. I think LGBT underground really cares about it’s artist and I love the support they also show for artist that people may not have heard of. It’s great and it’s fabulous.


LGBTUDRGRD: Are there any plans for any Collaboration with Other LGBT Artists anytime soon or do you know of any?

LS: Right now none that I can think of or have in the works but I am always open to working with amazing talent no matter what their sexual preference might be

LGBTUDRGRD: When people check out your music what has the response been like so far?

LS: To be honest I am always really shocked that people like my music. Most people comment on my voice … I guess it’s big and strong and makes they feel good which is always been the goal.

LGBTUDRGRD: What do you think of the Music Scene Right Now as a whole?

LS: I don’t think the industry is about talent anymore…. and that’s all I can say.

LGBTUDRGRD: How hard is it to make it in this industry as a (Female) Artist?

LS: I don’t think it’s hard to “make it” I think its hard to keep yourself positive enough to keep making leaps of faith and taking opportunities to further your career. Being a woman makes it easier sometimes and then sometimes its not so much but over all I think it’s hard to be a human being period

LGBTUDRGRD: If you wasn’t making music what do you think you would be doing with you life right now?

LS: Being a mom and a social worker. I love being a mom and I love making people feel supported.

LGBTUDRGRD: How important do you think it is for new artist’s to know their history and appreciate the different elements of music?

LS: Life and death hahaha don’t call yourself an artist if you can’t pay homage to the people who did it before us…

LGBTUDRGRD: What advise would you give other up & Coming Artists?

LS: If you get hurt easily this is not the gig for you. If you think you are the best of the best of the best this is also not the industry for you. Just know what you got ad work on building from there. NEver take advice from people who don’t have the success you want and you will be fine.

LGBTUDRGRD: Any final words / shutouts before we finish?

LS: Shout out to LGBT underground for being the best music website in the world and shout out to my son jacob for keeping me grounded and giving me a reason to really dream big . also check out my new single Tear drops and stalk me on social media . Thanks !!!

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