Brand New Webseries Called “Morning After Dark”, looks very interesting and i can see some familiar faces…why not check it out for yourselves…


Morning always comes after dark falls. In Roman’s world everything is always very well put together. His friends Sherry, Tyrick, Ja’waan, and Daniel always rely on him for support but what happens when Roman’s life begins to take a new turn? 

His friends, Sherry, a prosecutor running for District Attorney battles deciphering whether to be loyal to her career, her husband or her ex. Daniel afraid to be committed or deployed turns away from Roman for support at the bottom of a bottle. Ja’waan can’t maintain a relationship due to fear and infidelity. Tyrick is lost, confused and misguided about where his soul goes after being “changed”. 

What happens when things begin to change and the characters begin to live their lives in the urban LGBT community. I guess you’ll see in the Morning After Dark. 

Created by Roderick Emery

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