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MUSIC VIDEO: Tremayne – “20” [@tremaynemusic]

Ok i got sent {BELOW} via email and i thought ill just post what was sent as i felt it was a very, Honest, Direct and sincere message that i felt needed to be shared within the community. please take time to watch and support Good Thought Provoking Music.



I just wanted to personally take the time to message you in regard to my submission and start off by saying I am not gay. With that being said there is a reason why I have chosen to submit to a LGBT music site. For the greater part of my life I have struggled with acceptance of the LGBT community. Having a Jamaican background homophobia was a huge issue in my community growing up. There was no acceptance, no tolerance and no conversation unless it was to bash. In recent years I’ve had more and more encounters with the LGBT community, taking trips to Montreal, overseas and moving to Toronto. Through out my experiences I have learned communication and understanding is key. I wont say I completely understand everything but I’m constantly learning and I’ve come a long way in the past few years. Being posted on your site would just be an indication of that growth. Below is the description of the video and the video link. Hope you like it and thanks in advance for your consideration.
A story of passion, pain and misunderstanding. This video is an invitation into the raunchy chaos that is the mind of an artist, narrated by an addict in song form. With no reservation and all emotions present to be criticized, Β what you will witness is the artists reality in its rawest form.



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  1. thank you for the post!!! really appreciate this

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