Music Video: L.U.S.T – “Imaginary Ones” [@AskAboutLUST]

The beat grabs you straight away and then you can’t help but listen to what L.U.S.T has to say. Always thought provoking . A must listen and watch.

“Imaginary Ones”
A Short Film by L.U.S.T.
Black History, Popular Culture and Our Youth.

Historically, Hip Hop has been the voice of Black Culture. We are slowly losing that voice with the music that is being fed to the masses via mainstream media. Our youth have almost no clue what this music was created for and are being shaped with distorted views of violent, sex infused, materialistic content in large amounts. Many are not educated on the Civil Rights movements of the 60’s and 70’s, the sacrifices that were made and have no idea what a raised fist even means. They are not aware of the mockeries that began with Black Face Minstrel Shows that are still prevalent today amongst popular culture.

“Imaginary Ones” is a musical and visual depiction of the current social climate of Black Culture. It is a story told through Hip Hop, the way it was meant to be. The visuals are open to your own interpretation and some may be disturbing but so is the state of our society.

Please watch with an open mind, share and discuss. By all means BE and CELEBRATE who you are!


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