Battles: @VladTv – @SaRaKaNa – “Speaks on @LadyLuck Coming Back To Battle”

Sara Kana came by our VladTV offices and sat down with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes for an exclusive interview. For those who don’t know, Sara Kana has been heavily involved in the culture of battle rap for a long time. She actually met Poison Pen when they engaged in a random battle together many years ago. Sara has been involved directly with the growth of Battle Rap, as she has contributed greatly to promoting the females such as Gattas, QB, Ms. Fit, 40 B.A.R.R.S., and others, who all came up during the Grind Time era, and she has even battled on camera herself. Sara has gone on to continue to contribute to Battle Rap by booking various events for Barz & Brastrapz and Battle Rap Media.


During her sit down with Michael Hughes, Sara addressed Lady Luck’s return to Battle Rap, which is scheduled to go down early in 2014. While Sara greatly respects Luck for her history in hip-hop, she believes that this era of Battle Rap is far more evolved than what Luck is used to and that she would have some serious competition if she steps back into the ring. She even stated that she would be willing to “kill her in a second” if given the chance. Sara concluded by addressing the battles on the recent QOTR Do Or Die card.

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