JUDYS PROMO Video Web Series

Webseries: @judysTV – “Pilot Ep 1 & Ep 2”

JUDYS is “a comedy about drama” centered on a group of friends and their adventures in gay Atlanta. Each one of the “Judys” are based on a common stereotype about gay men that I chose to put onto three-dimensional characters. My thinking, for instance, was “what if the extremely effeminate gay guy was also the most conservative?” And so the Judys were born.

Pilot Ep 1

Harper Campbell, played by myself, is a party boy from Los Angeles that recently relocated to Atlanta in hopes of starting fresh in a new city where no one knows his name or past dramas. In his short stay in Georgia, he has quickly befriended three friends–“discreetly gay” personal trainer Macen Givens (G’Mar D. Morton), overly sexual and self confidence-deprived college student (of eight years) Carvin White (Corey Pope) and proudly flamboyant, loudly feisty call-center worker Ezell Frasier (Ryan Pitts).

Together, the foursome find themselves in romantic, social and sexual struggles in fast-paced gay capital of the South, all while also getting to know each other and form (or dissolve) their growing friendship(s).

JUDYS is a concept I’ve developed over the course of five years and three years living (and surviving) in Atlanta. I am happy to not only have the project finally released but to have created something that is entertaining, unbashingly gay and knows its tone and audience.

WATCH EP 2 here Now.

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