@LGBTUNDERGRND Interview: Clara La San (@ClaraLaSan1) #UK


LGBT.U Interview: Clara La San

“You Got Me Good”

LGBTU: What’s Good?

CLS: Lots! I’ve just returned from my vacation and i’m concentrating on getting some new tracks down!

LGBTU: Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself for our visitors?

CLS: I’m a singer, songwriter and most of my songs you hear on sound cloud, i’ve wrote and recorded in my room.

LGBTU: So what’s happening with you & the music at the moment?

CLS: I’ve been spending a lot of time collaborating with other artists and producers, whilst focusing independently on my music too. I’m always experimenting as well, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

LGBTU: How do you feel about being Promo’ed on a LGBT Underground Music Site?

CLS:Being known as a supporter of the LGBT scene is good. Everyone should be considered equal and it’s great to know that LGBT underground are supporting that whilst promoting good music too!

LGBTUD: Are there any plans for any Collaboration with Other LGBT Artists anytime soon or do you know of any?

CLS: Not as of yet! But I really like Cakes Da Killa. His music has got such a cool vibe. It would be good to collaborate with him. 

LGBTU: When people check out your music what has the response been like so far?

CLS: A lot of people say they enjoy the chill out tracks I write. My most successful song has been ‘I Was Alway’s Yours’ and it seems to be, that people tend to prefer the chill out tracks I write in comparison to my other stuff. 

LGBTU: How would you describe your music & what inspires you to make it?

CLS: My music is mostly ambient and dreamy. I write a lot of slow tempo tracks and I like to use samples now and then. Momentarily though, i’m focusing on a different style to that. Tracks which are a bit more upbeat. As for the inspiration, I’m not really sure what inspires me, but I must get inspired by something. I find it really hard to write a song when I know I have nothing to say. A lot of my songs are quite personal, so i’d say real life experiences are what inspires me to write! 

LGBTU: What do you think of the UK Music Scene Right Now?

CLS: I think we’re doing good. I listen to a lot more underground then main stream though. I feel like theres no surprises in main stream music, and after listening to a track for a few seconds, I know where its going to go. I find underground music a lot more interesting.

LGBTU: How hard is it to make it in this industry as a (Female) Artist?

CLS: With really good music and a good marketing plan then I think you’re already going places. I never really think of it as being hard but everything would be boring if nothing was! I write music because I enjoy it and I like knowing people enjoy the tracks I write.

LGBTU: If you wasn’t making music what do you think you would be doing with you life right now?

CLS: I’m secretly a bit of a nerd – not that it’s a secret anymore! But i’d probably be trying to work with National Geographic as I love anything to do with the world. I’d talk about it more but I would probably bore you!

LGBTU: How important do you think it is for new artist’s to know their history and appreciate the different elements of Hip-Hop & other Genre’s even if they don’t partake in them?

CLS: I think it’s important as other genre’s might influence you musically without you knowing. I also think it’s important to know and understand the market that you’re going into.

LGBTU: Any final words / shout outs before we finish?

CLS: If you’re interested in hearing more of my music then be sure to follow me on facebook, where you’ll hear most updates! Thanks LGBT UNDERGROUND for showing an interest in my music!


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