Fuzz Rico – Interview By @RatishaNYC


LGBTU: Where are you from?

FR: im originally from cali but was raised in jersey & atlanta

LGBTU: how did you come up with your artist name? very different but dope!

FR: lol i went thru a handful of names before i stumbled upon Fuzz Rico. i came up wit it my senior year in HS during lunch. i happened to call a homie Fuzz, because of his fuzzy hair & when i went up to get my lunch i was thinkin that was dope. at tha time i had hella hair & my hair “made me who i was” so it just felt right. i added Rico just for tha fact i’m half spanish & look spanish as hell, so it just flowed well. somethin like a Rico Suave hahaa

LGBTU: Besides yourself lol who are your top 2 LGBT dopest artist?

FR: My homie Rachael Coba.. shes honestly the dopest artist i know & has potential to do some major power moves… Another artist, Siya. she’s been an inspiration & to be able to exchange words every now & then is cool.

LGBTU: What are you working on for 2013?

FR: I’m working on a mixtape at the moment…just tryna perfect my craft & build a solid fanbase, GangGang. tryna stay busy musically & let everything else fall into place & just keep things organic.

LGBTU: What LGBT artist would you like to collab with that you haven’t?

FR: Siya, it’ll happen though, very soon. Thats tha homie.

LGBTU: What motivates you to do music?

FR: Knowing how far I’ve came. I feel like I just recently found my lane & sound…After 10 years of doin this shit so it’s like I fell in luv wit my music all over again…i’m fortunate

LGBTU: What is something about you that your supporters don’t know?

FR: if i could sing my ass off, i’d rather be an r&b artist or soul singer lol …. even though i do sing in 90% of my music..

LGBTU: what sets you apart from any other lgbt artist?

FR: i got luv for my lgbt fam but i dont even put myself in that category when it comes to music…cuss i’m speakin to everyone. my lifestyle shows enough luv & representation towards tha lgbt community so i wanna keep my music for everyone & out tha way of being categorized..

LGBTU: How important is this LGBT site/movement to you and your brand/music?

FR: I’ve been rockin wit this site for so long and you guys been rockin wit me so importance isnt even tha question. its luv lol…i luv tha support you guys give artists & i’m gunna continue to show luv by any means.

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