Produced By EvOn
Featured Producer : @ArseniBeatz
Features: @RYZHOPE, @MOOKIELOCK & Renee Scarlett (My Niece)


“BLUD” Official Video

Directed By EvOn & Ryz Hope
Edited By StevieGMuzik

Hi LGBT UDRGRD Family, i thought i’ll do a Frank Ocean and write you all a heartfelt Letter ….ERRRR..NOT…lol yeah right i have no confessions i have been a out and open proud LESBIAN rapper since 2004 and i will continue to promote and suport the LGBT Underground Music Scene Always.

Ok so THIS IS MY DAY, yes thats right im using this WHOLE DAY to Promote me, lol i mean come on you can’t hate, this is it!! this is MY LAST EVER SOLO MIXTAPE!!! no more solo raps, ive been in the industry since 1994 till now 2012..its been a long time and i have had the best time ever but now it is time to sit back and relax and concentrat on other projects!!! like the LGBT UNDERGROUND website for starters, and making music for other talented Music artists. so please Download my Mixtape and watch the video, do all the likes, subscribe, share and all that good stuff that i have worked hard on, producing the beats, writing, mixing, videos, artwork etc.. so i hope you will all enjoy & remeber to leave me feed back so i know what i can do better!. thank you for this day and support and lets make LGBT Underground the Best Website EVER

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