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VLOG: @soNOTfamous_ – “So Not Famous”

ok so this looks interesting, incase you Don’t know your about to watch the beginings of an amazing young proud out up & coming singer/song writer who is quoted for saying “So Not Famous”…Yet, that is..

i got a feeling SOLEIL will go far in her journey, but then thats just my view, so what do you all think?
So get to know who SOLEIL is as a person and as a talented individual.

check it out for yourselves.

Many of you have seen It Gets Better.. but this time, I want to tell my story on my own. Uncut and full of transparency.

My friends and co-workers joke around when people “notice me.” They ask me how it feels to be famous, and all I can do is laugh and remind them how non-famous my life REALLY IS. This is a personal account of my journey as a young inspired black woman in America. This is my story, my life, my pain, my joy, and my art. Be inspired.

Written, Directed, Edited by Vanessa Soleil (also known as Japan!)
Music by Bilal “All Matter”

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