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Lesbian activist in Uganda, where homosexuality is illegal *NEWS

Now this is the reason why it is important to be proud of who we are and if you are an artist with any influence you should be using it for the great of good instead hating to be labelled, at least you can walk the streets hand in hand with your same sex partner, at least you have clubs, films, books, etc, We, the western world have taken it for granted that its ok & “Normal” to be Out & Proud LGBT but what about the rest of our people who still can not be free to love who they truly LOVE.

read below to understand why im passionate about wanting the LGBT Underground Music Artists to make a difference

It’s already illegal to have sex with someone of the same gender in Uganda. For three years, religious activists have prodded the African nation to impose more severe punishments.

Ugandan lawmakers are again debating a bill that would impose lengthy sentences on people for homosexuality, less than a year after shelving a similar proposal that originally called for the death penalty. Gay activists say the country has grown increasingly hostile: Activist David Kato was slain last year after a Ugandan newspaper published his name and photo under the headline “Hang them!”

What is it like to be gay in a country where it’s essentially illegal? The Times talked to Jay Abang, 28, a program manager with Freedom and Roam Uganda, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex human rights organization trying to combat the law. Abang is an openly lesbian activist in Kampala


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