LGBTUDRGRD INTERVIEW: @thesilentceleb Prt 1 *2009

EvOn: What’s Good?

BSC: Hey E Whats good

EvOn: Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself for our visitors?

BSC: Whats Good Music Lovers World Wide. The name is Blanco Silent Celebrity.

EvOn: So what’s happening with you & the music at the moment?

BSC: Lots lol. Some under the table some over the table lmfao… Current project is my mix tape “Da Life of a Silent Celeb” few feature artist so its def gonna b a great piece most def.

EvOn: Are there any plans for any Collabs anytime soon?

BSC: I love Collabs lmfao. It’s crazy how you can mix and match artist of different genres and come out with even greater music.
Im currently working with Trice aka Ya Girls Fav rapper out of Jerz and REAL the MC out the Bx. Trying to get up with a lot of diff underground artist like Madam Brown out of Cali Fiona Simone out of ATL and of course EVON the Music Bully lol

EvOn: When people check out ya music What has the response been like so far?

BSC: Ive got great reviews. Street Music DJs happens to be big fans of my music. They spin my tracks often in the clubs. Few well known DJs love the fact that im not prissy with my lyrics lol I write what I feel what I see what I live lol. DJ Almo called me a RNB Rapper lmfao

EvOn: what inspires you to make ya tracks?

BSC: Shitty lyrics over a hot beats lol. I like to dance so if the music can catch my attn but the lyrics make me want to vomit. I try my own style against it and go with the flow. I free style RnB sorta like how rapper get in a cipher. I will get on any track as long as it talks to me.

EvOn: what’s the Gay hip hop scene like in the US?

BSC: what gay hip hop scene lol. honestly I haven’t really seen anyone other them Kin4Life and Siya the lesbian MC and C.Murda. I feel that they don’t get the recognition they deserve. And it’s about time WE as a community change that.

EvOn: How Hard is it to make it in this industry as a female Rapper, and is being Gay important to sale your music or should you keep ya sexuality to your selfs?

BSC: I consider myself a Singer who happens to be a lesbian not a lesbian singer. If the music is good and u feel the artist I feel the personal life should have anything to do with it. Im going keep making music and loving woman and if I cant perform its as a woman in the industry I will sell it to a man and still get the $$

EvOn: Are there any other artists from the US/UK or from the gay scene that we should be looking out for right now?


EvOn: If you wasn’t making music what do you think you would be doing right now?

BSC: Working in Print Advertising like I do now. gotta love the $$$

EvOn: any final words / shoutouts before we finish?

BSC: Yeah of course lol.
Watch Out For Me Always Vote for Blanco the Silent Celebrity!!!!
Shout Out to…God for blessing me with a undeniable talent. Shout out to You Evon for keeping the love going for our underground LGBT networks. Umm…My Silent Celebs, Ikon Magazine, Sireal Music, Payday Ent, Honey Ent, Street Music Ent, Money Mobb OutKast Crew Soul’d Out Ent and anyone who support the Silent Celebrity movement!!!!

Youtube: blanco the silent celebrity

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