LGBTUDRGRD INTERVIEW: InfiniteKFC – @GoddessOfRap Back in *2009


EvOn: What’s Good?
InfiniteKFC: Jah Is Good!!!

EvOn: Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself for our visitors?

InfiniteKFC: I’m Infinite Knowledge For Cherishing bka InfiniteKFC. I’m one of the south’s finest femcees…not because I say so but my work speaks for itself. I’ve been Awarded Best Female Rap Artist at the JMAs (Jackson Music Awards), nominated Best Mixtape (Female) at the SEAs (Southern Ent. Awards), Awarded Best HipHop/Rap Artist at the MBAs (Mississippi Best Awards), and I could go on but this is the quick introduction, right? Moving on, I’m 1/3 of the group Dread Bred but currently working on my solo career right now. I’m still working with my group of course but its only so much you can say and do when you’re apart of a group. Right now, I’m just evolving musically and still working as co-CEO of Dread Bred Music Group & Dread Bred Entertainment.

EvOn: So what’s happening with you & the music at the moment?

InfiniteKFC:I’m currently promoting The TakeOver DVD Vol. 1 featuring live performances, backstage access, interviews, and celebrity appearances by Yo Gotti, Pastor Troy, Dread Bred, La Chat, Jade & Keenyah from America’s Next Top Models, and several other hot celebrities. Its one of the hottest DVDs in the south right now independently. For more information just check out the sneak peek @ Like I mentioned before I’m working on my solo LP and it’s titled Get Rich Or Die.

EvOn: Are there any plans for any Collabs anytime soon?

InfiniteKFC: I’ve talked to Sammie manager so likely Sammie & I’ll let my fans pick another artist for me, just don’t break me fans – please. lol

EvOn: When people check out ya music What has the response been like so far?

InfiniteKFC: The response has been beyond what I’ve expected. The fans really love my music. I wouldn’t be anything without my fans and I appreciate them dearly. My fans stand beside me 100% but they were eager to hear more of my solo music so this album has to be the perfect imperfection. My fans have been waiting and since they’ve been patient, I owe them the best of me.

EvOn: what inspires you to make ya tracks?

InfiniteKFC: Life inspires my music, specifically my life experiences.

EvOn: what’s the Gay hip hop scene like in the US?

InfiniteKFC: I can’t answer that because my fanbase is primarily “straight.” I’m not into division and I don’t think it should be “gay” music and “straight” music separately…I do music for everyone and who I’m sleeping with has nothing to do with who should be listening to me.

EvOn: How Hard is it to make it in this industry as a female Rapper, and is being Gay important to sale your music or should you keep ya sexuality to your selfs?

InfiniteKFC: Its not hard for me. Its a particular method and most aren’t willing to abide by those methods. Its hard to have a family and love life with music. Women tend to prefer those companionship more than men so we tend to give up before we’re recognized or before its truly a reason to give up to pursue a love life or family.

EvOn: Are there any other artists from the US/UK or from the gay scene that we should be looking out for right now?

InfiniteKFC: Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with any artist other than my squad. I just haven’t had time, but I’m sure it is.

EvOn: If you wasn’t making music what do you think you would be doing right now?

InfiniteKFC: I’ve never thought of that? If Jah felt a need to take music out of my life, I’d spend my life loving something just as beautiful as music – a woman. Working a job, nah. I don’t do those – I seem to always find a way to get money. I guess thats what you call a hustler’s ambition. I’m an entrepreneur whether in corporate life or on the streets. I’m sure I can match what I’m making now, if not probably more.

EvOn: How important do you think it is for new artist’s to know their history and appreciate the different elements of Hiphop even if they don’t partake in them?

InfiniteKFC: Honestly, I’m not into HipHop. Kudos to all the hiphoppers out there but I’m just writing my story. No one in history can tell me about my life. No one period can tell me about my life but me. This is my personal opinion but if I studied the history…I would be doing what everyone else is doing now, copy-cat rapping, whether consciously or subconsciously. To me, studying history makes you a follower…the only thing I need to know from history are the mistakes, so I won’t make them.

EvOn: any final words / shoutouts before we finish?

InfiniteKFC: Thanks Jah for allowing me to see another beautiful day. Thanks to everyone who believes in me and my music, especially my fans, and thank you Evon!


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