LGBTUDRGRD INTERVIEW: NOR From @Kin4Life Prt 1 *2008

::Nor From Kin Music bully Interview ::



EvOn: What’s Good?

KIN4LIFE: chillin, whats poppin over thur?

EvOn: All Is Well, So Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself for our visitors?

KIN4LIFE: Yea my name is NOr 1/2 the female duo can check us at KIN4LIFE if you don’t know who we are..

EvOn: You’re a member of KIN, So what’s happening with you guys at the moment?

KIN4LIFE: Right now we’re touring the U.S and canada. also working on our anticipated album “Life of a Rock Star”. We doing alot developing our roster “Kacie” and “Kay Smith”. They are 2 solo artists signed to our label Noriq Records,Inc.

EvOn: So how is your partner in Rhyme IQ?

KIN4LIFE: Q is chillin handling business as usual.

EvOn: Are there any plans for a Solo album or Collabs anytime soon?

KIN4LIFE: No plans for a solo album right now. Staying focused on the team ya na mean. people have been tryna seperate KIN since day one but thats not happening…so sorry folks you might have to wait a while before that happens.

EvOn: When people check out ya music What has the response been like so far?

KIN4LIFE: The response has been overwhelmingly positive and incredible..95 percent of listeners become life long fans of what we do. They recognize how hard we been grinding and the quality of the music that we put out. Thanks to everyone who has been riding with us since the beginning.

EvOn: what inspires you to make ya tracks?

KIN4LIFE: Life is the main inspiritation. day to day experience. the music allows us to exhale all the bullshit we go thru and the fun stuff too.

EvOn: what’s the Gay hip hop scene like in the US?

KIN4LIFE: The gay hip hop scene is pretty much a touchy subject. alotta the mc’s that are gay and out and doing music dont really make good enuff music to compete. dont get me wrong there are some talented gay musicians but they arent recieving the recognition they deserve. hip hop in america is a male driven industry that believes men should be killers and women should be sexed up. the media is responsible for alot of that as well. its not easy to be gay and accepted as a serious competitor in the game.

EvOn: How Hard is it to make it in this industry as a female Rapper, and is being Gay important to sale your music or should you keep ya sexuality to your selfs?

KIN4LIFE: Its hard for female rappers to make it because most people assume that women arent talented enuff to write their own music and produce their own music like alotta women have been doing out here. they find some way to break you down. we could’ve been signed back in the day but we didnt want to fit the mold of the “little KIM’ image..if you aint sucking dick or talking bout how good you suck it no one wants to touch your project. Being gay definitely is a factor in record sales based upon how you market the record. if your doing gay events and venues chances are that demographic will support the project.

EvOn: Are there any other artists from the US/UK or from the gay scene that we should be looking out for right now?

KIN4LIFE: In the U.S you gotta look out for KIN of course..but bands like Team Gina and Marla Hooch are hot if you like that crossover feel. Theres alotta talented gay artists on the come up!

EvOn:: If you wasn’t making music what do you think you would be doing right now?

KIN4LIFE: I think i would be a professor in african american studies. I’m very interested in the history of my people. Our present society needs to be informed of the struggles that we been through so we can get our shit straight..

EvOn: How important do you think it is for new artist’s to know their history and appreciate the different elements of Hiphop even if they don’t partake in them?

KIN4LIFE: I’m not saying that you have to quote lyrics that were made before you were born but it is good to know how the hip hop game started, where its been and where its going. study the game. whoever your influences may be study what it is that they did to get where they are. everyone has a formula. take from each formula and create your own.

EvOn: any final words / shoutouts before we finish?

KIN4LIFE: Just look out for KIN. Make KIN a household name. If you don’t own anyone of our music you need it in your life..Respect to all hip hop lovers
KIN..if hip hop is dead then we the respirator..


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