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@Ms_choppaLocka – “Introduction”

“Chopppa-locka (born Angelique Roberts) is a female MC representing Opa-locka, FL. Like so many, her childhood look like it was designed to break her but she was determined not to drown in the streets. As a child she and her family constantly moved from state to state, city to city trying to find refuge but all they found was abuse, drugs, and deceit. After spending time in Dade County’s Juvenile Detention Center Choppa finally had enough and decided it was time to move back to DC where she found her voice and perfected her style. Choppa-locka is a MC who comes strong and don’t hold back for anyone. Recently she was select to join Slip N Slide’s “On Da Grind” where she was able to debut her single That’s My Baby.Also she was on of the top picks for Young Jeezy’s Making The next Hit. Choppa is constantly performing at various venues in the DC area and up and down the east coast. You can also find her sharing her story with the 14th Street Girls and Boys Club as well as connecting with young MC’s who have the same drive to make it in the Music Industry.”


“U Hate Me”

“Gucci Fresh”


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