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GUTTERMURDA – @GutterMurda *Introduction

Ambitious, Relentless, and Pioneer are a few of many words to describe the attitude or better yet way of life that some would say possess the mind and spirit of Queens New York’s own…Gutter Murda.
At the tender age of 12, Gutter began her quest to become a hip-hop superstar. Although her love for hip-hop developed much earlier in her life, her first rhyme was written after being hypnotically inspired by Method Man’s remix of M.E.T.H.O.D.After receiving a “that’s dope” response to her own version of the song from her crew…the monster was born.
After spending most of her days in school developing her lyrical and graffiti skills, Gutter Murda became a true member of the culture. The hunger and drive to be the “illest” would unknowingly provide her with the focus she would later need on her journey to overcome many disappointments, obstacles, and several losses.
By the age of 20, Gutter met what proved to be one of the most influential and sickest M.c’s that she had ever come across, which was another young rapper from Queens named U.A.B. After meeting, spitting, and smoking together, Gutter and U.A.B were almost inseparable. They formed a rap duo and spent many long nights in the studio creating magic, being that this was Gutter’s first time in a professional recording studio, U.A.B took her under his wing to help her learn to fly.
Tragically, the murder of her friend, partner, and teacher, sent Gutter into a very dark place in her life which led her to believe that her journey as a M.c was over. To make the blow even more painful, shortly following the death of her homie came the most devastating heartache of her entire life. The loss of her grandmother left Gutter with a complete since of hopelessness, this became what she calls today her “test” to prepare her for the battle she was about to face with the industry.
But her will and need to be heard pushed Gutter out of the dark and formed an almost scary work ethic, which she still holds today. A chance meeting with her eventual producer/manager Basone of the WARROOM (LLC) gave Gutter new inspiration to continue her dream and complete her mission in changing the game.
With all odds against her being a gay female in an industry dominated by heterosexuals and looming stereotypes, Gutter Murda plans to tear down barriers and knock down walls, with undeniably incredible music!!!
With her “what else can they take from me” attitude, she plans to carve a nitch in the music industry for gay talent and those who think outside the box.
So without further ado I present to you hip-hop’s new controversy…Gutter Murda.


Tha Truth — This is my HOT FAVE

Never Changing



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