WEBSITE PROMO: @LondonShareee – “Project ID”

What does Identity mean to you?

“Expressing identity while encouraging others to find theirs.”

 Why not have your say over at London Sharee Project ID


My initial purpose for starting this project was first to identify the talent we have within the community. We are writers, hip/hop artists, models, actors, DJs, and promoters, simply put; we are some amazingly talented people. I feel it is time to share our talents to the world.

Next, I hope that through seeing the support and participation for Project ID we inspire others to find their identity. No matter if it is a young girl or an old man, everyone should be proud to express their own identity freely. I feel like this, you only get one life and it is up you to live it in whatever way makes YOU happy. My motto is to LIVE each day as if it were a LIVE show… LIVE LIVE

The below are photos of members of the community who support Project ID. Scroll over or click on each photo to see what identity means to them.

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